Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A sense of purpose...

A lot of us confuse "wishes" and "fantasies" to passion. Do we really know what we want?

There are so many of them who have chosen a path and then come to a conclusion, it is not for them and choose a different one... A wish or a strong desire, both cases people will talk passionately about it. Sometimes in case of a highly articulate person, it seems like a greater confusion.

The experience gained is valuable, but how do we know the difference?

Identifying your strengths and deploying them in activities you choose out of interest will get you to a deeper satisfaction. Add purpose to what you are doing and you've got meaning.
Purpose is what drives you. It's the source of inspiration and the compass that guides your way and makes the difference, and at the same time, to the deepest level of happiness.
And that's the real deal!

PS: My purpose of writing this blog?
I should be able to meet my readers on a personal level, foster trust which is an essential part of any blog
Have a wonderful weekend ahead!!