Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taja Masala Soda - Prathas, Pastries, Perfection!

Taja masala is a small and humble place on the main road behind the BMS boys hostel.It has a narrow entrance and this gets even narrower, because of the fans this place has!To the left of this place, you can find a chilled glass closet with some deliciously decorated pastries, for those who like it without the egg, you have your choice to make as well.

The next counter is a frankie making one with one person busy making the fillings and tucking them into a neatly roasted thin roti with just enough oil. These frankies are available with a variety of stuffing, to name a few, mushroom, aloo, palak, onion, baby corn and sweet corn.
A bite of this frankie and you are tempted to have one more, two of the appealing factors of the frankie is the freshness it comes with and the price, costing just 15 bucks, they sure make you want more.
Next in line is the paratha kitchen, with 5-6 saree clad pleasant ladies. They have not more than 4 stoves, but manage to cater to the needs of all their customers without much wait. Let’s say that the division of labor has been very effective! The base filling for all the Parathas is Aloo, the variety in terms of mixed vegetable, baby corn, mushroom, beetroot, greens etc that one wants would be fried or sautéed on tawa and mixed with the potato filling! This is yummy and spicy filling is carefully placed in the dough and rolled over, it is put over a tawa with just enough oil and there the hot delicious Parathas for you, this is served with a bowl of curd, with some chat powder on it, a slice of cool cucumber, onion and a pickle. The first bite of these hot, fresh delectable Parathas and they’ll just keep you glued to this place!

This paratha place is also nick named as Paratha Point, with my work place just 2 roads away. I went to this place first with a big group of co-workers and from then this would be our most wanted place!
Even though we are shifted to another building, which makes this place a little less than 2 kms away, this still remains most popular.
It is a little heaving to eat at there during the peak time (1-2 pm) but any time before and after, the Parathas are more generous in their stuffing and tastier…
The fact that these mouth watering delicacies are just Rs.10/- each, make you gorge more! The price is one of the striking points to popularity.
The next best thing about this place is their fizzy drinks! For those who love masala soda’s. There are quite a variety and colorful sodas available in this place.

In the evening you also get some yummy bread rolls which just make you drool.
These are undoubtedly my favorite, one, two, three… and you just have to try really hard to stop!
For the monthly birthday bashes at office, this is the most desired snack.
Taja Masala Soda pseudonym Paratha point is all in all a Simple, Simply Super place!

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Address: 28/2 Mount Joy Road, Ashok Nagar, Basavanagudi, Bangalore, : 9900252146

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