Friday, February 26, 2010

March soon!!

I am always excited and await this month, why? Quite apparent! It is the month I was born.

We’ll yea, In school and college it was the month everyone dreads, the month of Exams! But somehow, I still await and welcome March :)

Also as I grew, it only got more exciting with my then boyfriend, not so long ago my fiancĂ© and now my-everything, friend and husband’s birthday is also the same month.

It doesn’t really end there because we also got MARRIED in March!

3 cheers and 3 reasons to Magnificent March!!

It’s quite soon that March is going to be here! The third month of the year and the memories of celebrating the new year is still so fresh.

Time passes faster when you are happy and yes, thank god, I am the blessed one!

Well, well ofcourse, there are always those wants and desires and I could the happiest one.

March is all pampering and I am putting forth all that I desire for – A wish list!!

Silk kurta and a silk saree from Fab-India


Hide design Bag




A white dress or saree

A retriever pup, two would be double the joy

A moment with tiger cubs (wouldn’t mind for many moments)

A tour – A World tour!

Mercedes Benz!!

A Beach house

A laptop

An i-pod

All seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Wow, penning this list is driving me insanely felicitous!

PS: Also this time, each cricket fan would wait for March, yes!! IPL starts on my birthday, March 12th :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love...

I had a 2 day training on “Creating customer impact” and it sure was a helpful session.

You’ll never have a bad day with a positive attitude, This line is something I would never forget!

Feeling very positive today! Here’s almost everything I love!

I love good sense of humor

I love smiles

I love energy

I love the smell of soil when it just has started raining

I love reading

I love to laugh

I love making others happy

I love commitment

I love involvement and focus

I like sleeping

I love staring at the moon

I love watching the sunsets
I love to take long walks

I love driving

I like teaching

I love giving and receiving compliments

I love cheerful faces

I love shouting out and cheering India on the cricket field

I love family functions and get-togethers

I love the excitement in meeting friends, esp after a long long while

I like big & clean houses

I love speed

I love animated movies

I love hand written love-letters

I love being pampered

I love silk sarees

I love heights

I love the amusement parks

I love the combi of hot chocolate and vanilla ice cream

I love the smell of coffee

I love babies

I love Vinay

I love watching Vinay play with children

I love my mom and dad

I love my sister

I love the goodies my sister makes.

I love my dog, Schatz

I love my home

I love my friends
I love the feel of wet lawn on my feet

I love the dew on flowers

I love the snow

I love the view of mountains

I love tigers

I love puppies

I love watching meaningful movies

I love my work

I like my company

I love motivating people

I love learning languages (so far at 6)

I love my country

I love Bangalore

I love my school

I love eating

I love chocolate mousse

I love Indian chocolates (esp. Crackle and fruit and nut)

I like writing

I love talking

I love dancing

I love singing

I love listening to music

I love watching advertisements

I like libraries

I love observing people

I love watching horses running free

I love writing lyrics of songs

I love photography

I love walking on the beach

I love swimming

I love water (A true Piscean)

I love drawing

I like painting

I love big trees

I love to cook

I like baking

I love traveling

I like organizing and discipline

I like poeple who are in the Army, navy and Air-force

Needless to say, I love shopping!

Wow, I feel thrilled after thinking and writing on things I love.

Life is B - E - A - Uuuuu-tiful!

I suggest you make a list too and then do what’s on and I am sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself!

Have a super positive day!

Pic Courtesy - Google Images

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sea Spice - Spice and Nice!

After a day of obviously happy intent after reckless shopping, my family stepped into Shetty-Gardenia for lunch.
The place is welcoming with spacious interiors and nice wood work. The gigantic LCD stuck on the wall with the cricket on sure caught my husband’s attention. The stairway close to this leads you to the first floor where we have the Sea Spice restaurant. The glass door opens up to a mid-sized hall which fits about 15 tables. It mostly had family crowd.
We took one of those circular perfect dining tables close to the entrance. There was a bar counter close to our table with a few glasses. The place has some nice maroon drapes against cream walls. The glass work has designs of cute fishes defining the specialty they serve.
Soon after we took our seats, the menu was given and water was served. The menu offered quite an assortment.
We chose to have the Rawa and Masala fish fry. The waiter suggested we take ‘anjal’. The Rawa fry was crispy and yum, the Masala fish was luscious but way too spicy, with lemon, it did taste better. 2 portions for the 5 of us wasn’t really sufficient. The other starter included Baby corn satey which was better than the fish. The thick gravy that the corn came with was rich and absolutely delicious!
My sister and I are buffs of Neer dosa and didn’t think twice to order. The Neer Dosa with chicken muchi ghassi was our next order.

They came pretty quick but the taste was unsatisfactory. The neer dosa was so stuck and cold, the Chicken curry surprisingly bitter!
We shared our feedback with the attendant, he promptly took it in, heated the curry and probably salted and diluted it. We weren’t happy then either. The second neer dosa order was hot and better.We chose to have rice and ordered Biryani, the quantity was generous. The rice was tasty and the curd raitha they teamed it with made a good combination.

One of the thoughtful waiters came back to us to specifically find out why we weren’t happy with the chicken muchi ghasi, on telling him, he got another curry. This was a coconut based one and tasted a lot better.
The service though not polished is considerate.
The cutlery is very comfortable and classy.
It was my treat and so when I checked on the bill, it surprisingly did not have the amount for the chicken curry!
The waiter also restated the point that they did not add on because we were not ok with the taste and they agreed too.

On reading the experience of other reviews on Burrp, it definitely looks like the guys at the restaurant proactively correct their awry moves!
Well, as long as they tastefully keep their customers satisfied they would never be forgotten!

#1890, 9th main Kaveri Nagar, II stage, Banashankari, Bangalore

Phone: 26715060, 26919790, 9980569029

Monday, February 1, 2010

Too-Good 'Thindies' at South Thindies! !

This was in the month of October and TGIF - Thank god it’s a Friday!! There was the holiday atmosphere at office on a Friday afternoon before the long Deepavali weekend!

With these impulses, a team of us decided to pamper our afternoon at ‘South Thindies’. Then a newly opened restaurant which got some rare reviews.

We started and soon we were on the main road and the large metallic painted hoarding with the name ‘South Indies’ camouflaged within.

It was really crowded and we added on to the numbers. We made our choices from the menu and stood at the self servicing counter to relish the orders. We were a big and hungry group and we almost got a bite of everything they served on that day!

The famous and much-talked about Masala Dosa and half cup coffee was tried and my colleagues liked it. The medu dosa and the pudina rice were also of a good taste. The akki rotti, ragi rotti and the chutney’s that came along were excellent! The bread dosa was different but greasy and extremely heavy.

There are some sumptuous sweets available. The Halu-bhai is a sweet made from wheat, ghee and sugar. This was absolutely delicious. The group of us had this delectable dish and conveniently ate the second helping too. It was a heavy and satisfying lunch at this new place.

If this was my review about the place 4 months ago, I was there at this place 2 days ago for breakfast and it hasn’t changed a bit. The masala dosa tasted familiar and delicious. The bisi bele bath was even better, talk on consistency in their quality and taste!

The place has an open kitchen and one can see it’s tidy. Even with the crowd, they manage to serve customers without much wait. The prices are reasonable with thindi’s for two coming up to Rs.80-100.

It is also located facing a busy road close to the famous Krishna Rao park.

Morning or evening walks in this beautiful park and a quick relish at south thindies and that’s a beautiful day for you!

South Cross road
Near Krishna Rao park
Basavanagudi, Bangalore

Snow Shack - Delicious Desserts!

This has opened six months ago and is a small place that serves some relishing ice-creams.It was one of those usual cool nights at Bangalore. True to its identity of a snow shack. It was even cooler inside.

There is the famous GK vale store that has been shared by half to start the ice-cream and fast food parlor.
It is a small place with 4 tables and a few tables with 2 seats placed outside.
We chose to seat outside. The menu has quite a range of ice-creams. There are those common ones like hot chocolate fudge, cake fudge, brownie fudge, Gud bud, Rocco baracco, Banana split and fruit salad. The simple cone ice cream with scoops and swirls available here is also an attraction with the children.

Something that was novel was the ice-cream sodas and the different relishes they offered.We chose a hot chocolate fudge and cake fudge, They were generous in their quantity. The ice cream tasted fresh and creamy.The sauce was in perfect quantity and the combination of the pure white vanilla and dark brown chocolate syrup was indeed heavenly!

The peanuts roasted right, choco chips made the dessert even more desirable. The cake fudge was also delicious with the cake so soft and fluffy!There was one courteous person catering to 4 tables and he did a quick and fine job!They not only serve ice creams but also sell some home made chocolates and make some yum sandwiches.A decent place serving some good desserts! The rates are moderate or even close to cheap with ice-creams for two costing you about Rs.100-150.

Snow Shack
#290, 100 Ft ring road, Banashankari, Bangalore
Near Resturant 1947
Phone: 42056659