Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ultimate Darshini

Breakfast you want to quickly catch up on any possible day, be it a working day or a weekend…
A place all crowded all through out the year….
A place that would give you the taste of absolute ‘South Indian tindigalu
A place you would want to visit again and
don’t mind going regularly…..
yeah it would undoubtedly be Upahara Darshini,

Be it the idly with fingerlicking sambar, the crispy vadas, the sweet and sour Curd vada, the long and tangy Savige bath, the smooth and slimy Kharabath, the damn good dosas….
Way back in ’98 my tution classes were close to UD ( Upahara Darshini fondly called this way!) I had two classes with a break of half an hour and me with my friends loved going there for breakfast. We were one more than contended bunch after class one and sleepy for class two!!
The Masala dosas are not available for the morning breakfast, you would get to eat these only after 4 pm.
A dosa and Curd vada to follow are like ‘the’ ideal combination. It is not too often that I go to this part of town now… but when I do I make it a point to eat there and oh yeah… feels the same, there has not been any change in the richness and ‘yum’ factor in the food they make! This could be one of the reasons to compel me to write a review on this so late. But as long as the place is alive and kicking… it’s not too late, what say?
And yeah not to forget the prices are so reasonable. The place congested not too spaciously designed and also because there are so many UD lovers! ;-)
It is clean, hygienic and really worth recurring visits!! If you want to woo and showoff to someone or anyone on the authenticity and richness of South Indian Thindi then UD is a must visit!

Cheers to UD!

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  1. Amrutha
    Since you like movies and you can taste of movies like shawshank .. i recommend you watch watch westerns esp by director john ford and by other good directors in period 1940-1970 .

    Btw i can talk about food ,can only eat it ..