Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ganesh Darshan Dosas - Scrummy!!

As evening showers leave a pleasant cool in Bangalore's air who wouldnt want to indulge in a hot and quick appetizing snack? It was one of these romantic evenings shopping at Jayanagar and we had to catch up for a movie that night. We had 30 minutes to finish of with your dinner and our stomachs were passing very brawny signals to do so! At the signal there were mesmeric pictures of Dosas and quite obviously welcoming for two hungry souls...
We quickly walked to find this aromatic self service counter.
A look at the menu and you'll know the variety they provide, as usual like the other eat-outs, they have the Dosa of the day which has very distinctive combinations such as panner, palak, pineapple dosa and the likes. All this very simply makes mouths water.

There was a very courteous man at the counter and he quickly took our order and gave is the coupons.
We had no time to waste and quickly chose to have an Akki rotti, Masala Dasa and Sabbakki Dosa, This was coincidentally special dosa for that day. I have always relished dishes with Sabakki, be it Payasam, sandige or more.
This place is known for its coffee but my husband and I are never coffee people and so we didn't sip. But most coffee lovers will sure feel energized!
The Akki Rotti is delicious with the right ingredients mixed in it's soft dough and roasted perfectly. This came with a chutney powder that was absolutely yum! I didn't mind going for a second helping. The Sabbakki dosa rocked, I relished every bite and I am sure I would go back to have more. The masala dosa there all perfect with the ever yum potato curry, butter, ghee, masala and the perfect roasted reddish brown surface.
The holige also called obbattu is delicious too. Sweet lovers will melt over this irresistible dish.

The provide some neat high tables where you can conveniently place you plates and relish bite by bite. The prices are reasonable.
This place is crowded, however they have enough staff to keep the wait short. A place worth a many visits!
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No 244, 27th Cross, 9th main, 3rd block Jayanager
Phone: 41005554

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

when a loved one is gone...

My best friend lost her father recently. Last week, I lost a near and dear aunt. It is an extremely painful experience and hits you like a rapid hurricane. However prepared one is for the death to come in, it is still a very traumatic experience! With the sudden experience it comes as an upsetting shock. It becomes absolutely unbelievable and denial for quite some time.
We hear from the closest ones that they prefer to die than to live with the loss that is irreplaceable. However it comes as a realization that life has to go on. These are a few things that could help you while you are on your most unpleasant experience.
1. Cry: it is OK to Cry and sometimes healthy too. Please take time out to grieve. This is important because if the person does not take time to grieve, there are chances that the pain is carried throughout life causing physical illness and depression. Whether you want to cry on someone’s shoulder or be by yourself, do take time for this. one needs to understand that this would take time and popularly said, it is indeed the best healer.
2. Be available: Offer your support inconspicuously. While also making it very clear you’re there to help in whatever ways you’re most needed. Physical and emotional touch can bring great comfort. Whenever it seems appropriate, give a hug or extend a handclasp. Throughout the year, remember birthdays, anniversaries, days that have important meaning for the bereaved and offer your renewed support during those times. Be understanding.
3. Help: Help them with their daily household tasks, cooking meals, keeping the house clean, any other mundane activities. Practical help will go along way in helping with coping death.

Take care!

Pics courtesy: Google