Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy hands, happier feet and happiest times!

Life is exciting, it's full of surprises and living each day hoping  and making efforts for the better is really the best way to live.A few days are the happiest, a few the luckiest, then there are those days you never want to have again, the sad ones, the tiring ones, the normals and so on...There would be times you need to make sacrifices for the loved ones and put their needs ahead of ours, there is something I learnt about sacrifices put in words here it is quote unquote:"There are days that make the sacrifices seem worthwhile. And then there are the days where everything feels like a sacrifice. And then there are the sacrifices that you cant even figure out why you're making"
My post "breakfreeee" was more when I was going through the not so happiest days, but like I said we chase life hoping for more sunshine, more excitement and more happiness.
Well now here it is and so I write with Happy hands, happier feet about the happiest times :)

Happy hands because I have loved art and crafts and appreciate them immensely and I am getting to create a few. A friend of mine is immensely talented and is coaching me on this creative side.  I have finished my first painting and makes me feel happy to have  it on my wall, a simple one but elegant. I also have been long chasing the dream of making a Tanjore painting. It is a grand, incredibly beautiful  and detailed artwork.

I almost started taking lessons and didn't really get started like about three times and fortunately, now I have begun and it feels great, I am just loving it!! Thanks to my friend and teacher for this, my hands are in All smiles, when I am working on my board!

Here is my first work,  a simple but special one!

My feet are happier because of the dancing tunes and the fitness workout - Zumba
Dancing is my passion and when I am at it, it's just ecstatic. I have the most enthusiastic and talented instructor and she takes us on this incredible musical dancing joy for an hour and half and it is addictive and absolutely enjoyable. 

My son is now a year and a half and he is chasing butterflies, jumping, climbing, saying or rather trying to say all that he sees and it is pure fun watching him and see how much he has grown! He is just never tired and is always full of energy, that's something i wish i could have :)

 It's like, when you are happy and have your hands full, it feels great! My friends, they are an awesome bunch, always planning for some fun!! We Women know, time with girlfriends are super fun and much needed ;)
My man, my son, the Skype and phone time with my family far far away, those long conversations with my old precious friends, the company of my new friends, new people, the long drives, interesting conversations, delicious food and simply the  start of everyday all make my time fulfilling and happy!

Signing off with a smile :)

Wishing you all Dozens of happiness - Happy 12-12-12!

Pictures Courtesy: Google images


  1. Nice :-), Happiest year ahead!


    1. Thank you! Here's wishing you a happiest one too :)

  2. Such a delightful post!!! Cheers :)