Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Rogue Elephant

Dedicated to the Fantastic Fig Salad!

A friend of mine and I in a mood for some salads, thought Rogue Elephant would be a good option and now we swear by it…

A passage with a lovely garden with some exotic potted plants and gardening ornaments welcomes us to the restaurant. The tall trees, cool weather and the yum food made the lunch absolutely pleasant!This place is located opposite the famous Krishna Rao Park, close to the GunaSheela Nursing home. The place has a small board with the name and a picture of a cute flying elephant, close resemblance to the cartoon character DUMBO!
It’s a humble place with tables placed inside the garden, quiet and the likes of one of those perfect conversation places! If you have to go there with a friend on lots to catch up, it’s an option where you can have an undisturbed chat! Soon after we settled, we were handed the menu, the Fig salad that both of us relished is not in the menu but was highly recommended by the host. I love figs and this was my first taste of fresh figs, completely delicious! It was teamed with fresh lettuce, balsamic vinegar, panna cotta cheese-loads of it and walnuts! A bite of fluffy bread and a spoon of the salad, OH! What a heavenly combination! The panna cotta cheese was divine, absolutely!!

The dessert gave the wonderful lunch meet a perfect finish, we went for the banana walnut cake, my oh my! This was fresh and served with butter! We thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

The Tomato avocado sandwich and the Thai chicken salad were good, but no where close to the exotic fig salad and the pampering walnut dessert. They have iced tea, filter coffee, nimbu pani on their menu for drinks, a lot of pastas, sandwiches and delicious desserts. It is advised you have cash as they don’t accept plastic money. A good place for salads, I am definitely going there when I have cravings for fresh figs!
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93, Kanakapura Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Land Marks: Krishna Rao Park, GunaSheela Nursing home
Pics courtesy: Google images

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