Sunday, June 2, 2013

My story of losing 30 pounds in 300 days!

So It's last year August 7, I started my first diet plan and Zumba. It's been 300 days since and yes I have lost 30 pounds!! 

After Aarav's birth I had lost all the pregnancy weight and was quite happy with the way I looked but it was when my sonny boy turned 7-8 months old that I had put on weight and just not happy with myself.
Then after he was about 15 months, i decided i do something about it and  That's when all this began, 

Initially my plan was to reduce abut 20- to 25 pounds and I thought I was doing the most difficult thing in the world but it was easy
Oh yes, i mean it... It was easy.
I can say it was easy because, of a few reasons specific to me.
1. I do not take coffee or tea and the extra sugar and calories that some with it.
2. I'm far far away from mom who makes the most delicious food and a threat to my willpower and this whole diet plan.
3. Have a super active son, I need to be running behind! Making me more active
4. Not a person with a sweet tooth 
5. Stubborn with a stubborn willpower :)

How I did it....Just a few things to keep in mind and keep out from ;)

Mainly it was two things that helped me achieve  this - Dancing and the GM diet plan.
Zumba was something that kept me physically fit.... It was awesome dancing and I love the idea of burning calories thru' dancing. Zumba was thrice a week for around 80 mins each class. High impact dancing for an hour and 20 minutes of abs and other exercises.

The GM diet is a seven day diet plan and really really worked for me, thanks to my friend. Nishal for introducing me to this diet plan!
It's a week of just fruits on first day, veggies on the second, veggies and fruits on the third, banana and milk on the fourth, chicken on the fifth and sixth (my most awaited days of the diet week) and some brown rice and veggies on the last day. For more details on the GM diet, click here

On the other days of the month, I ate we'll, rice, sambar, chapatis all the curries
However, There were some rules we made and followed, well mostly...
  • No frying 
  • only skimmed milk
  • No buying snacks, sweets and stuff that's irresistibly yum
  • Stack the fridge with fruits and veggies. 
  • Whole grains
  • Chicken and fish in place of prawns and lamb.
  • Reduce salt and spices (just go on a low salt or no salt diet as you'll be amazed at how much weight you'd have lost and inches thinner you'd have gotten)
Well, at parties and gatherings, just about anything, even the deep fried, dangerously high calorific chocolate mousses, desserts and other prohibited irresistible stuff.
It's okay to crazily eat occasionally and control yourself for the next couple of days. I mean I did this and it worked for me.
 Never starve, eat fruits, raw veggies at regular intervals.

My husband helped me tremendously through out those weeks of few carbs no fat, whiny, mood swingy weeks. My friends, Dipali and Shanthi....they are adorable, they never forgot to compliment even if I lost an inch and keeping me up! Here's my story because Dipali wanted me to write it and  kept reminding me I should..

With each passing week, I was smiling at the weighing machine :)
What keeps you going is, the result you can see after a successful completion week of the GM diet. With a high impact physical routine, it is amazing how much we can lose. 
It's also flattering at how beautiful you feel about yourself. It is definitely worth a try!

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