Friday, July 17, 2009


My sister made a sumptuous chocolate mousse, on my birthday and I just loved it, it was special Birthday!

I wanted to make one for my friend, for her birthday and set out on my chocolate expedition. Yes, I must say, it was a success.

It is a simple process and here’s how you too can make one.

The base for the mousse is the chocolate cake, the recipe to make the chocolate cake is here.

The chocolate cake is a 3 inch in height and an approximate diameter of 10 inches.

Horizontally, slice the cake, carefully into two. Keep aside the two slices.

Now for the mousse the ingredients are:

Egg yolks – 4

Sugar powdered – 1 cup

Chocolate – 400 gms

Double Wipped cream

Take egg yolks


Take a container, preferably a thick one add half full water and heat. Place another vessel, inside the first one with water.

Add the Egg yolks and powdered sugar, ensure this vessel is not touching the water in the container, the idea is to cook with steam. Beat until the mixture becomes white.

In another bowl take melted chocolate and add Whipped cream. This mixture is light brown and fluffy in texture. The chocolate and cream need to be mixed well and should not have any lumps. Mix the egg, sugar mixture to the cream. Next, add @ tea spoons of gelatin.

Now it’s time for some craft, Take a OHP/Transparency sheet and cut it into two, lengthwise.

Take the chocolate cake and border the OHP sheet around, you could plaster to stick the sheets.

Add the mousse mixture, on the cake, The sheet forms a container to hold the mousse. Place this in the refrigerator for at least 150 minutes.

Once the mousse is refrigerated and set, carefully undo the sheets. The syrup is made by heating Water, sugar and cocoa powder, pour this syrup after it cools

Pour some chocolate syrup and there is a delicious, rich, frothy, creamy dessert!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dal Tadka - A satisfactory dining receive...

It was one of these cool and pleasant evenings, after watching Kambaqt ishq, my husband and I decided to dine at a fine place. We chose Dhal Tadka, since it was close, and also since we hadn’t tried it earlier.

When I read on the other reviews, I learnt that the place was more than good for their Rajasthan food.

The place is on the first floor of a huge complex in the corner, there is the gigantic big bazaar, diagonally opposite to this complex.

The restaurant is on the first floor and it was crowded, all the walls are adorned with puppets, some jewellery and other colorful decoratives.

The tables, chairs and the décor is too colorful and loud, it does not portray ‘high taste” everything is simply hung and pasted without mindful décor taste.

It looked like the hosts made the extended hall of the restaurant their house. Their rooms and @ home possessions was visible to the hall of the restaurant.

The restaurant was full except for 5-6 which were ready to be occupied. One of the waiters showed us our table and suggested we take a look at the Rajasthani buffet they have on weekdays.

Since it was not an impressive take, the menu was give to us, a clumsy and well fed menu!

We chose to try the Rajasthani Aloo Tikkis and Baby corn Manchurian for starters. They came in without much wait.

A little alert boy began to serve in steel plates.

A bite of the aloo tikki and we loved it! It had some nicely fried potatoes with boiled and seasoned gram fillings, this tasted awesome with some chilly and sweet chutney. Next came the Manchurian which had color and hit brilliant red, and this overpowered the vegetable and the taste of it. This was however not very delicious.

The lassi was a much needed one and refreshing, I loved the flavor cumin powder that it was topped with. I did not hesitate to have another.

We chose to have Rotis with some Kadai Paneer, the rotis were soft and well made, the curry was nothing extraordinary, the quantity is more than generous and so we decided to pack the more than half that lie in the kadai. The Jeera rice was delicious, it has the right amount of spice and loads of ghee, the gravy it came with was extremely complimenting. With all this heavy food, it was not quite possible to have a dessert. However, I was keen on tasting their Moong Dhal Halwa. Also we missed on their famous and synonymous dal dishes!

It was a just satisfying experience at this vegetarian restaurant. The crowd is usually families. Service if friendly and prompt.

A meal for two would cost around Rs. 500-600. This review is also available on Burrp.

Address: No 1, Above HDFC bank, Opp Food World, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Kathriguppe Main Road, Banagalore.

Phone: 26691763, 9448235118