Thursday, December 1, 2016

Saying Good-Bye to Trolley

6 years ago, we landed in a new continent, a new place during winter, it was the coldest season we had ever experienced. With very less public transportation, there was great deal of help we received from friends but we had to have a car to commute. After all the online look-ups, talks with car dealers and friends, we chose her :)
She didn't have a name then, but had a gender 'she' She was a grey Hyundai Elantra Sedan
It was with her, we had our first drive of the beautiful place around, it was with her we learned to drive on the right (or the wrong side) of the road. She rode miles and miles with us like a great friend. She kept us warm on the coldest drives during winter and cool on the hotter days.

In all smiles inside Trolley

 My fondest memories were were driving her to the hospital appointments when i was carrying Aarav.
Aarav's first drive from the hospital to our home when he was just four days old!

Aarav was three years old when he decided to name her trolley, borrowed from the cartoon, Daniel tiger's neighborhood

When time had come to give her away, it felt like we had her just yesterday, it felt like we had her for a hundred years, Time, it has a magical way of mounting and subsiding at the same time..!

cars aren't people. They aren't even pets. They dont even die so much as we consent to kill them; barring catastrophic collision, almost any car problem can be fixed for the right price, but giving away trolley felt significant.
we mentioned to Aarav that Trolley would go away and he wasn't happy, there were times he threw a tantrum and cried we shouldn't give her away.

GoodBye Trolley, Dec-1-2016
The day had come and when they took her away, it felt intense.
Vinay or I, no one said anything. I cannot explain the gravity of that moment. it was everywhere in the air. Trolley's presence felt real, it was never alive but that didn't make death any easier.

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