Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"C" A special Delivery!

It was the big day 19-May-2011, Since i was a week over my due date, I was scheduled for a pain induction, however I started having my contractions at 1:10 am that very day. All set and ready we started to the hospital, I was always sure I am going to have a vaginal birth and would never find myself under the bright lights of a surgical table, I was young, healthy and was ready to get the baby out in an old fashioned way!

So imagine my surprise, after 19 hours of labour including induced labour, I found myself being wheeled down the corridor and headed for the operating room because my cervix wouldn't budge past 7 centimeters dilated. I was scared, sad...
Now after the surgery, I feel i should have been better prepared.

The important thing is to hold a healthy baby in your arms, however you deliver the little bundle. A surgical birth can be as joyful and meaningful as a vaginal birth.
It's important to case your big day if it doesn't go exactly as planned, arm yourself with the info and they'll help you sail through the surgery and beyond!

As far as surgery go, C-sections are considered safe, but as any operation there are small but real risks. They include bleeding, blood clots, infection (around the incisions, but the IV antibiotics can help fend off the bacteria)

The moment that last stich is sewn, the healing begins, here are a few tips for a faster recovery.
Get moving - women feel extremely delicate during those first few days ( even laughing can make you wince) not only will you feel better once you're upright, but revving circulation from head to toe can prevent the formation of blood clots.
Have a bite - One needs energy to tackle healing and the new motherhood. Think about it: if you had just run a marathon, wouldn't you stop and refuel?

Stay on top of the pain - Take your painkillers, pamper your scar.

Delegate the Heavy lifting - No picking up anything that weighs more than your baby!
Make sleep a top Priority - Try and snooze at every oppurtunity so your body can repair itself.

More information on C-section The history is interesting!
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  1. :) well written

  2. Hey that's a good blog...I can add...Vaginal delivery is really painful only till the baby comes out...the very second baby is out...you are back to normal..but one should definitely know how to make use to pain than just screaming. I made use of the pain and it helped me tire myself less and deliver fast...But U are right...it makes very little difference of how u delivered after u have ur bundle of joy in ur arms...all the best and enjoy your motherhood...its just worth being a mom!!!

  3. Thanks for those inputs!
    Thank you for the wishes... here's wishing you All the Best :)

  4. Nice article, really we have to consider these matter and make sure they should be under control.