Friday, January 30, 2009

Being'1947'worked in 08 n continues to work in '09

Anniversary celebrations and my parents insisted I suggest a place for a delicacy treat. It was a weekday and a majority being vegetarians. I opportunely picked 1947 which is a hop skip and jump from home.

It was 8:30 and all of them were dot on time. After exchanging pleasantries, we took a table in the most special corner of the restaurant.

When Vinay, and I went to dinner, we always thought we should get the whole family to dine here. I exclusively booked it this time
The long glass table with cushion sofa on one side and jute on the other separated from the rest of the place with ropes starting from the ceiling to the floor was indeed unique. This definitely made a pleasant inkling on all of us. On one of the walls close to our table was a huge picture which portrayed Indian independence nostalgia!
From the great leaders, newspapers articles, tramps to our very own St. Josephs…. It had everything collaged really well! We had a lot of them to take a closer look at it…

1947 allows you to get cakes in case you would like to celebrate an occasion. They arranged ours on a nice silver plate and placed it with the knife.
The menus were quickly distributed. I was almost like the acting waiter for that evening! Soon we placed the order for ‘Palak ka shorba’, This was bland and tasted well with salt and pepper. The Masala papad was crispy and munched within no time, the 1947 platter is a sumptuous dish, it had sizzling hot Tandoor vegetables with magical masala. The platter had quite a variety included baby corns, gobi, mix vegetable sheek, panner and mushroom. The other starters, Vegetable Kurkure and Tandoori baby corn undoubtedly need a mention. They were just too delicious. The kurkure was minced patties of vegetable and masala fried in oil. The tandoori baby corn had the soft baby corn wrapped up with the most delicious spice ever. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of these.
It was turn for the Rotis and Kulchas, we had these with Shimla wala bhutta and Sabzi Lajawab. These made a very ful n filling main course. But didn’t come anywhere close to tangling the taste buds like how the starters did. Shimla wala Bhutta was a appealing orange colored gravy with sweet corn and capsicum. This gave a sweet taste and just didn’t excite the ones who loved spice. The Sabzi Lajawab was indeed Lajawab with it’s mix of all vegetables and the indispensible Paneer. The Boondi Raita simply turned the delicacy meter higher. The grand finale was Sabji Dum Biryani. My review of 1947 last year had a mention that, Biryani was not great, but this one was different in everyway except for it’s name! Every one craved for more and complemented the lip smacking rice. We started the diner with a pastry and so there was absolutely no place for desserts.

To help serve better and accommodate more, they have their little heaven extended to the top floor. A Terrace dining area with the similar furniture but closely placed. They also have a banquet hall in the building beside the restaurant on the second floor. Appropriate for occasions like engagements, birthdays and their like.

The staff is well dressed with desi attire and friendly. The whole family was elated with the ambiance and food at 1947. No wonder the place is a hive always!! Simply an irresistible place!!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just missed the crown!!

Burrp has his system of announcing the best review of the week at an all Indian level and 5-4 reviews which are chosen to make it to the 'Just missed the crown'

My review on restaurant 1947 just missed the crown! I was just so happy to find my name and review on that list. It was my third review and it was just so encouraging for me to write a review to win the best review!

Being 1947 in 2008 still works!

It was late evening the weather was pleasant, my husband said we should take a walk.
I agreed, and we started walking, we reached the main road and towards our right was a place brightly lit and welcoming.
It had a board with “1947” both of us fell for it and wanted to spend the day’s dinner there.
We walked in saw the lift and the stair way, we chose to take the latter as it this looked more ornamental.
We saw uncommon pictures of Pre-Independence India. They were square frames of flags that were proposed to be our National flags before the one we have now.
Quite many. A piece of trivia to most of us.

We walked in, there was a man cheerful and welcoming in his gestures, with a kameez that was faded orange and a white bottom.
The wooden door, I must say was giving an old and antic look.
We entered inside and really liked the interiors….they have got the Indian theme in, Desi material - Jute was seen almost everywhere. It was of a good taste.
We saw very few people and so had a better choice of the table, we sat in a table for two and to my left was a huge glass with a nice night view.
The menu was again something different, it had a wooden covering and the contents were marked with a nice font on hand made paper.
We ordered a masala papad, Tandoor babycorn for starters, they were given without much waiting and did taste authentic.
Had kulcha, veg kadai and veg dum biryani for the main course, the kulchas were hot, soft and the curry tasted just perfect.
The biryani was not so great, it could have been better, we thought.
The chaach (butter milk) was at it's best… it has just the right amount of Spices, it was thick and quantity was fulfilling, I would never miss having this the next time I visit 1947.

The silent place we came had now turned into a noisy one, with people everywhere, a few waiting too.
One can book in advance for all days except on Sundays.The service is very mannered and courteous. The prices are reasonable.

We explicitly thought we should bring the family along. It’s a place veggies must try!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ultimate Darshini

Breakfast you want to quickly catch up on any possible day, be it a working day or a weekend…
A place all crowded all through out the year….
A place that would give you the taste of absolute ‘South Indian tindigalu
A place you would want to visit again and
don’t mind going regularly…..
yeah it would undoubtedly be Upahara Darshini,

Be it the idly with fingerlicking sambar, the crispy vadas, the sweet and sour Curd vada, the long and tangy Savige bath, the smooth and slimy Kharabath, the damn good dosas….
Way back in ’98 my tution classes were close to UD ( Upahara Darshini fondly called this way!) I had two classes with a break of half an hour and me with my friends loved going there for breakfast. We were one more than contended bunch after class one and sleepy for class two!!
The Masala dosas are not available for the morning breakfast, you would get to eat these only after 4 pm.
A dosa and Curd vada to follow are like ‘the’ ideal combination. It is not too often that I go to this part of town now… but when I do I make it a point to eat there and oh yeah… feels the same, there has not been any change in the richness and ‘yum’ factor in the food they make! This could be one of the reasons to compel me to write a review on this so late. But as long as the place is alive and kicking… it’s not too late, what say?
And yeah not to forget the prices are so reasonable. The place congested not too spaciously designed and also because there are so many UD lovers! ;-)
It is clean, hygienic and really worth recurring visits!! If you want to woo and showoff to someone or anyone on the authenticity and richness of South Indian Thindi then UD is a must visit!

Cheers to UD!

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My first Review on Burrp!!

It was through a very good friend that i got introduced to Burrp, a forum to get information, share experiences, praise, criticize and much more about restaurants and food.
The below post is about my first review on this website. Till date, i have 25 reviews against my profile.
I really enjoy doing this!

'' Kati Zone..... No good!
I wanted to visit kaati zone as it had some juicy rolls advertised, they did look very tempting!!
Finally my husband and I went there on a Saturday evening….
The steps that take you up to the restaurant are really adventurous. They are narrow, slippery and have an abnormally large gap between each step!
Now coming to the ambiance… they are nice little tables and they are placed with a decent amount of gap.
The pictures are jumbled at one corner of the restaurant. There is a counter where we place the order and a menu with deliciously deceiving pictures.

Both of us being ardent chicken lovers, we ordered for 2 chicken roles, a malai chicken role and chicken tikka rolls, a box of fries, a masala lemon soda and Pepsi.
I must say that the rolls were not good, the cook simply took a chapathi, soft enough, put onions half fried with ginger and garlic paste, added these pieces of chicken some vegetables rolled and put it in a paper wrap.

The masala was too raw and strong. The chicken was good, but didn’t go with this combination. The fries are expensive and weren’t up to the mark. One in the pack was crispy! The masala lemon drink that I had was so sweet that the masala completely lost it’s identity!
And there we were eating all this, unhappy and the damage for this was Rs.220 or more for this!

I feel this place is worth half a star but the min you can give is one…. Kaati Zone…. No good!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The start!

All it takes is to just start, make a beginning, take that very first step.
I remember the first time i wrote
something, my very own words and sentences were published in the newspaper. This was for a classified with Deccan herald. The feeling is just elating.
I still remember taking a cut of my writing and showing it almost everyone i know. I must definitely thank my father for all the pushing and encouragement!
With the encouragement and applaud I received on that, I was a regular writer to that section.

I remember the day, a late afternoon, it was the last class for the day and I was looking at my watch to figure out why all this didn't end soon. A teacher came in and announced on science seminar that would happen the following week and that those interested could give their names the next day. That moment i thought that was certainly not for me. I could never imagine a group of people looking at me while i was standing on the stage addressing them. Oh never! The very thought of it scared me.
Reached home after a cycle race with a friend. That night when i discussed the days happenings. There was huge pressure that I should give this seminar a try. After much revolt and argument I was forced to agree. I gave in because and only because the prelims would happen in front of my very own class. Only to realize later, that saying something before your won class is quite a task!

We had to choose a topic and so I reluctantly went into the library. Nothing really seemed to appeal, I went straight to the librarian and asked her to help me. She gave me a list and it was difficult for me pick one amongst them. I don't know if they were all too bad or good. Finally i decided my topic would be 'Nocturnal Animals'. Uninterested and without needed preparation, I just blurted something.

In spite of all my goof ups, i was called for the final round. There was a teacher assigned to guide me. Needless to say there was my favorite and the best teacher at home to constantly follow-up, put sense into my speech, give me loads of gyan on my body language. The days passed and it was D-day, I was prepared with all my OHP sheets, A file to give the judges, my lil notes to peep in case i got stuck somewhere.
My hands were cold. It was my turn, all focused, i started, It ended. My name was called and i received a consolation prize. It was not the first or the second prize that consolation prize was indeed not consoling but was so encouraging and became the path to a whole new journey!

Talent, luck, flair and interest make a difference but all it takes is the courage to take that step, to start!
Once you make a start, you know it is not that big a deal anymore. Get going!!