Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Break FREEeeee

Breakfree... Really... Let's see.
You Are all positive about all the changes that life has thrown upon, changes that come with challenges, it's own ups n downs...Life isn't always easy...
You feel, feel so strongly and have made up your mind to deal with all it's difficulty... Yet there is this part of you that just breaks down at one stage when it's all too much!

Why is life so tiring? Why does it make you feel, u can take it no more?
Don't we deserve to be happy go lucky all the time? Why does it have to stop and make us feel awfully down?

You go to work, you are great at it and you are showered with compliments almost every day, you get them from colleagues and friends that you are exceptional, indispensable, the best the company has, the best worker etc etc...
Then suddenly you choose the family way and give up the work... It ends up with taking care of your baby, cooking, household chores.... No matter how hard or how perfectly you do... Nothing exceptional. Apparently, this becomes every women's "duty" the large, active world you lived in suddenly feels so passive, small and limited.
All you hear is a few compliments from close ones, few friends, relatives, invites, who come and go now and then... What happens to self esteem??

 All of us like to appreciated, liked and loved.... What if all this just gets lost in the monotony of change that has become your life currently?
you thrive to do best what you are doing, but do you derive any happiness out of it? Is it going to be appreciated, is it worth of all the things you given up... I am not sure....
Yet we continue chasing it... Going strong, not to give up on life.
There will be sunshine and sooner or later, you'll get what you want from life!

Hope, thats what it's all about..
A quote from a wonderful movie which brings a smile on my face...Hope,  is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.


  1. Finely written.. Crisp & to the point describing midway of life...
    I have started understanding & realizing "Growing Up" is no monkey business, it's a "Trap" in fact:).. Being married, being a parent is not easy & it's even more challenging when you are a woman!

    All the best, let the HOPE prevail.. amen!

    1. Thanq, you are so right about, no monkey business & for women there is a higher deg of challenge...
      Hopeful... always! :)