Friday, February 26, 2010

March soon!!

I am always excited and await this month, why? Quite apparent! It is the month I was born.

We’ll yea, In school and college it was the month everyone dreads, the month of Exams! But somehow, I still await and welcome March :)

Also as I grew, it only got more exciting with my then boyfriend, not so long ago my fiancé and now my-everything, friend and husband’s birthday is also the same month.

It doesn’t really end there because we also got MARRIED in March!

3 cheers and 3 reasons to Magnificent March!!

It’s quite soon that March is going to be here! The third month of the year and the memories of celebrating the new year is still so fresh.

Time passes faster when you are happy and yes, thank god, I am the blessed one!

Well, well ofcourse, there are always those wants and desires and I could the happiest one.

March is all pampering and I am putting forth all that I desire for – A wish list!!

Silk kurta and a silk saree from Fab-India


Hide design Bag




A white dress or saree

A retriever pup, two would be double the joy

A moment with tiger cubs (wouldn’t mind for many moments)

A tour – A World tour!

Mercedes Benz!!

A Beach house

A laptop

An i-pod

All seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Wow, penning this list is driving me insanely felicitous!

PS: Also this time, each cricket fan would wait for March, yes!! IPL starts on my birthday, March 12th :)


  1. Please ask Vinay to check the list! Nobody but him can fulfill this :)

  2. Roops, i wont agree! See there is Candles, perfumes, Books... :) Are you listening?

  3. Yes. I see and hear. Let me email this link to Vinay :)

  4. Will ask Gini to grant all your wishes...only she can do magic!!! :-)

  5. Totally AGREE!! March rocks!!!!!!

  6. @ Sou, that'll be great!

    @nandini - I know why you "Totally AGREE" Glad we share the same B'day!

  7. hopefully Vinay sees this blog and the request ppl are making him to fulfill ur wish list.. :)

    anyways, enjoy the month of march... :)

  8. He did... and i got a few in the list!
    Thanks so much!