Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Delicious Dahi-Sandwiches!!

What did my headline just say? Dahi and Sandwich, huh!
This was my foremost reaction, when I had a friend indicating me about this place!
My friend and I cannot refuse the fact that our food n tastes are alike, but the Dahi and bread came in as a little less than an absurd combination!
However, I was ready to take a bite!
It is close to my workplace and so we chose to walk. It is on one of the silent side roads in Jayanagar 2nd block.
The place did gather quite a crowd! We quickly placed the order and we soon we had silver paper plates with sandwich and curd with boondi and grated carrot. The bread was cut in 6 pieces, one of those in my mouth and I completely loved it! Loved it even more because I have always been curd crazy!
There are 3-4 people catering to a crowd very quickly and courteously, some stone benches and nice shady trees make this a quick but pleasant stop for food.
The bread is nicely buttered and toasted on a hot tawa with some fresh tomatoes onions and cucumber sandwiched. Once it turns toasty golden brown, they add some fresh curd, a couple of chutneys, tangy sweet spice and everything nice. On them roll some crunchy boondhi and grated carrots.
The Dahi toast is the most wanted and delectable dish available in this place. The other delicious choices with sandwiches are cheese chilli toast, chilli butter toast, plain toast and the like. For those with a sweet tooth, the gulkan toast and jam toast are choices. My friends and I have enjoyed all these varieties and go back for more!

This humble place does not have a board with the name on it, It is on the menu that we have the name "Sakkat Sandwiches and Chindhi chaats". The words sakkat and chindhi are a local kannada slang words meaning super or something more than good. The name and the tastes are definitely in tune.

The chats are one of a kind here and utterly tasty! One of a kind, because you get chats like Dhai bhoondhi, dahi chiwda, peanut masala, bread chat, Moong-dhal masala and more.
All these chatpata chats are indeed mouth watering. The price are extremely reasonable. A stomach full of sandwich and other goodies for two would approximately cost 50 bucks!!
An irresistible place will you keep you craving until your next visit!

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Sakkat Sandwiches and Chindhi Chats.
14/15, 10th Cross, 2nd block Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone: 9844417049, 9980050995

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