Monday, June 6, 2011

After A year...

Wohoooo... So soon it has been a year

When i started my blog, I thought I would write a post atleast once a month if not a meaningful one ;) and i have failed to keep that up... After a year, Here I am...

Quite a lot happened while i was absent here! These are definitely not excuses i am giving for not writing.

1. Too much work at office, a promotion, additional roles more responsibility

2. A huge Crush and an insane addiction to Farmville

3. Expected a baby! Became insanely Happy, Sluggish and of course the morning sickness :(

4. A wonderful family get away to Ooty and amidst the euphoria, the BIG news - Vinay's travel to the Unites states for a good long time, The farewell parties, the excitement, the miss you moments before moving to this land of dreams

5. Quit my job

6. Landed in states, Celebrated and welcomed the new year, explored the place around, met so many people, made new friends, Found out it's a BOY Baby, became the wife of the most happiest man in the World!!

7. Missed home :( Skyped almost everyday! (Seriously what a saviour skype is)

8. The world cup! what an awesome moment it was to see Team India become the world cup champions 2011

9. Hurray!! Mom was here! Great fun showing her the place around... God could not be everywhere and so he definitely created Mothers :) Loved every moment with her!

10. Some amazing food, super pampering, the 9 month restlessness and anxiety, The DDay - the pain!

11. Became a parent, the feeling to see and hold your baby for the first time is just magnificent. Aarav Vinay, My son was born, I am proud mother who just melts at his every touch... :)

With all these memories life is just as beautiful as ever!

Thank God for all that he has given to me and this blessed life :)

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