Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aila! Awesome Aloooo Tikki,

Needless to say, Arya Bhavan is one of the most famous sweet meat stalls in Bangalore.
A promise to mom, to come home for dinner but hungry and tempted to grab a quick chat landed me and my sister at Arya bhavan on MG road!

This place is a little inside and diagonally faces the popular MG road.
A small door, a few steps and you'd find yourself surrounded with the aromatic smell of ghee and rich sweets.
This small place has the sweets arranged on the right hand side and to the left you have the tables and chairs. At the back is a small kitchen. The walls are adorned with paintings of men from Arya Bhavan at work. The paintings are quite detailed there by giving a kind of process flow of the sweet making! :)

The Menu is more of a white sheet laminated with all the variety of chat, lassi and sweets available. The masala, sev, dahi, Alu and tikki puri are made really well and it is a treat to taste. The Alu Tikki just dominates them all and stands out for the exotic flavour and sense of taste!! I just love the sauce it is accompanied with. The hot and sweet sauce with a pinch of sourish taste, just bowls me over. The crispy tikki is also made just perfectly well. I have been to this place just to relish their tikki more than a dozen number of times....
The butter milk, rich badam milk are also relishable drinks.
Some of the famous sweets which more in demand are the Rasmalai, Kaju burfi, Gulab Jamoon, Raj bhog and more. There are a whole range of sweets for people with sweet teeth :) The service is fast and neat.
If you want to cut out the monotony of shopping on MG road, break for a quick snack and again shop till its time your stomachs growl. Arya Bhavan is the place, The Aloo tikkis is something you'll simply love every time you bite on. A nice place for chats and sweets.
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No 115, Kapoor Buildings
MG Road
Phone: 25597251, 65344904

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