Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Richmond hotel - Good Dinner Buffet

Birthday celebrations and a dinner buffet for our family landed at us The Richmond Hotel.
Richmond Road is a one-way road and the Hotel is on the left hand side. It was a wonderfully cool evening with a bit of drizzling! We made it through to Richmond road quite fast, surprisingly without much traffic. There is a gate that leads you into the stairway up to the Bell desk. They offer you valet parking. Two huge doors take you to the well lit veranda with some nice cushions and fresh flowers. The dining area is a few steps away. The doors open to a long, rectangular buffet hall. They have tables for 6 and 4. The interiors give you a warm feel. There cloth and cushions used are of bottle green and the wood is of deep Maroon. With the dim lights, it gives this dark and private ambience. The staff is extremely warm and conscious of their customer
s. Since I made reservations earlier, there wasn’t much trouble in getting places for our big gang!
We took our seats and there came a chocolate mousse as a surprise from my sister, after a bite of that and all the Mmmmm and all the applaud she received and truly deserved!

We got on to the buffet. There were some non-veg chicken starters. Not too sure on their names but, one was more like kabab and was bland, the other had chicken legs in thick gravy. The vegetarians had no choice starters with just Carrot fries as a starter. These were not tasty and extremely oily. I am not sure if I even got the faintest flavor of carrot, it was just batter deeply fried! Too bad this was the only starter. There were salads. Cucumber, tomatoes, Onions nicely spiced up was tasty. They had the boiled eggs, dipped in honey as one of the other salads. That did taste different, but was not too much of my liking. The breads of your choice are brought to your table. I am not too sure on what the non vegetarians savored but the vegetarians had a choice of 4 sumptuous gravies. One of them was my favorite daal. The others were Palak, Vegetable jaipuri and panner gravies, all very distinct and delectable. There was the mutton sum Biryani, vegetable pulav and Pudina pulav. I relished each bite of the Pudina Pulav. Pudina has an amazing flavour and the pulav from pudina with the right amount of masala and tasted great with the vegetable raita! There was a bowl of thick curd and curd rice with some lemon pickle. Before that, we all enjoyed the taste of steamed rice with lady’s finger sambar and rasam. Moving right on to the desserts, there was the vanilla icecream, Fruits, Gulab Jamoon and Mango cheese mousse. A few spoons of all and none seemed to impress me.

It was in no comparison with the the mousse that my lil chef made for me!! It Definitely was a special celebration!!

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Address: 88/2, RIchmond road, Richmond town, Bangalore

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