Friday, June 26, 2009

Cornucopia - Howzzat? "A super Six"

That's the instant reaction after visiting this restaurant with a cricketed ambiance! It was on a Monday afternoon, we visited cornucopia, the occasion was special as we were celebrating an event when my dear friend got a year older!

In our efforts to make my Monday blues and hers pleasantly colorful,
I planned for a surprise and went to her workplace with a chocolate mousse! The one, I exclusively made for her, Oh! oh yea, I made it! Will tell you how in my next post on how.... Ufff, it was quite a process, but yes, my lovely friend deserved all of it and more! ;)

We were on Richmond road and Cornucopia is a 5 minute walk from the main road, it is on one of the by lanes, more specifically, the one right next to TNT.
A very homely environment palisades the restaurant. An open gate welcomes you into a garden. Amongst the lawns and is a humble coffee shop serving to 3-4 tables. Towards the left the garden extends with a statue of Lord Ganesh, there is a stairway which takes you to a store which sells sports stuff, most exclusively cricket stuff, This place, I heard is started by cricket celebrities, Sreesanth and Robin Uthappa. They have a huge gallery with a lot of monuments and pictures related to cricket? from Don Bradman to the new guy on the field! Amongst all these halls is a hall named Cornucopia, the restaurant.

Cornucopia is cute and peaceful. Painted white with some reddish brown furniture, just enough fans to keep the place cool, it gives a neat expression.
There was no one in the restaurant! My friend and host hyperbolically claimed she booked the entire hotel for us!! It was surprisingly true, no one came in until we left the place! Soon after we settle down in one of the tables and given the menu. The table cloth, mat, serviette and cutlery was flawless white. The menu has a lot of unfamiliar terms and sound rhythmically Fran├žais. However the sub-textual explanation comes as a savior to help elucidate. The waiters were largely courteous though not very comprehendible. We chose to have the Cajun fries as starters, Potatoes are coated in a spicy mixture of corn flour and Cajun seasoning then deep fried until crispy. This tasted very simple and really crunchy.
The sauces it accompanied with were tartar and another tomato based.
For the main course it was the vegetable lasagna and steamed crepes orientelle

The lasagna was my favorite, rich and spicy, with the bread and butter, oh! it made a heavenly combination. It had broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, mushroom packed with cheese and spice and everything nice! It was apt and consciously spiced to be relished by Indian taste-buds. This artfully blended and predominantly continental food impressed us. This was quite filling left us very little space to admit the crepes. The crepes had full filling of shredded cabbage, onion and coriander sauce, with sauce over it tasted delicious and more than spicy.

The presentation of the food and service which was graceful and experienced definitely needs a mention.
Work was calling and we had no time for desserts. At the end of the meal with the refreshments comes a nice shot of coffee and chocolate! my friend who had been there earlier said it would taste good, and I am sure all coffee lover would agree, but for me it was an ok-ok shot. A meal for 3 costs Rs. 650 - 750. My take - a wonderful place to leisurely spend and appreciate some continental cuisine.
This review is also available on Burrp. This review made it to the weekly "just missed the crown" list! :)
Bat & Ball Inn,
3, Laurel Lane, Richmond town
Phone: 080-41149495

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