Friday, July 17, 2009


My sister made a sumptuous chocolate mousse, on my birthday and I just loved it, it was special Birthday!

I wanted to make one for my friend, for her birthday and set out on my chocolate expedition. Yes, I must say, it was a success.

It is a simple process and here’s how you too can make one.

The base for the mousse is the chocolate cake, the recipe to make the chocolate cake is here.

The chocolate cake is a 3 inch in height and an approximate diameter of 10 inches.

Horizontally, slice the cake, carefully into two. Keep aside the two slices.

Now for the mousse the ingredients are:

Egg yolks – 4

Sugar powdered – 1 cup

Chocolate – 400 gms

Double Wipped cream

Take egg yolks


Take a container, preferably a thick one add half full water and heat. Place another vessel, inside the first one with water.

Add the Egg yolks and powdered sugar, ensure this vessel is not touching the water in the container, the idea is to cook with steam. Beat until the mixture becomes white.

In another bowl take melted chocolate and add Whipped cream. This mixture is light brown and fluffy in texture. The chocolate and cream need to be mixed well and should not have any lumps. Mix the egg, sugar mixture to the cream. Next, add @ tea spoons of gelatin.

Now it’s time for some craft, Take a OHP/Transparency sheet and cut it into two, lengthwise.

Take the chocolate cake and border the OHP sheet around, you could plaster to stick the sheets.

Add the mousse mixture, on the cake, The sheet forms a container to hold the mousse. Place this in the refrigerator for at least 150 minutes.

Once the mousse is refrigerated and set, carefully undo the sheets. The syrup is made by heating Water, sugar and cocoa powder, pour this syrup after it cools

Pour some chocolate syrup and there is a delicious, rich, frothy, creamy dessert!


  1. You should also mention something about how you surprised me and how we started digging into it :)

    Thanks so much! It was one of the most lovely gifts ever I received. Thanks a tonne :D

  2. Oh yea, you had no clue...
    My pleasure!! :)

  3. yea yea... keep showin me all this... i want to eaaaaaaaaaaaaaat :(:(

  4. My next mousse is for you baby!! :)