Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chocolate Cake!!

I like cooking and love eating! I am sure that is quite understandable for those who read my posts…. I have tried quite many recipes and have been successful in getting them right and tasty! I can proudly say I have been successful, one because my people totally relish anything I make, ok… most of the things I make. Another is because my lil adorable sister, who is a chef in the making approves of them!! She is a pro and makes some of the best cakes, pastries and cookies I have ever savored! For a few years now, it has been a tradition that she bakes cakes for any family occasions like b’days and anniversaries. Her cakes make these special occasions even more special! We celebrated my mother’s birthday this month for which chef wasn’t in town, we concluded that they’d be no cake from the her, until it occurred to me that I could try my hands in baking!
I was a good student in taking notes through Gtalk and over phone and following every single detail my chef told me to do.
I exactly did everything she said n..... Voila! There was a beautiful, delicious cake. Quite a fast learner, I am!!
I found process of making a chocolate cake quite simple, All you have to remember is to follow the process.
Here’s how I made it.


Eggs - 4 Whole Eggs
Sugar - 1 cup

Oil - 1/4th cup
Baking Soda – a pinch

Maida (All purpose flour) - 2 cups
Vanilla Essence – 2 Tbsp.

Baking Powder – 1Tbsp

Cocoa Powder - ½ cup


Sugar – 1 cup

Cocoa Powder – half a cup

Water – 1 cup

Gems, cherries – 5-10 Grams

Break the eggs (whole) into a bowl, beat them till it become 4times its volume. Powder sugar and when the egg mix looks fluffy add sugar, pour oil into the egg n sugar mixture, pour the oil little by little and finally add the vanilla essence. Take a separate bowl, add maida, cocoa powder, baking powder and baking soda mix them together and add them into the egg batter. Now fold these ingredients together. Fold it horizontally and vertically. With this the batter is done!
Pre heat the oven at 180 Degree Celsius for 10 minutes. Grease the cake tin and pour the batter in. Bake this in the oven for 35min at 180 Degree Celsius and your cake is done!

For those who are curious (just like me) Do not open the oven for at least 20 minutes, there are chances, it might sink. Extra sugar also would result in a sunken cake.

There are innumerable ways to decorate your cake, here is the most simple and yummy way to do one. Add 1 cup of water into a bowl, heat this and pour granulated sugar once the sugar water mixture gets thicker, add half cup cocoa powder and mix it well. Pour it on the center n rotate the cake.

Add frozen cherries or gems to make your cake attractive.

With this I can certainly say that I have my latest crush on baking and would share more on things I bake-make!!


  1. wowwww.. looks yumm :) i guess i should be a bit more brave and try baking :) thanks for the recipe..enjoyed reading the post!

  2. Thanks Anusha! Go ahead, Good luck :)
    nice post on 'Bale ele oota'.

  3. Yum Yum Yum .....
    Delicious one...looking forward to many more mouth watering posts ;-)

  4. Sure Sure... Will keep it flowing, I meant the posts! :P