Wednesday, June 22, 2011

India's WorldCup Win... A Personal Profound Moment!

It was one of those fun weekend get togethers at a dear friend's house, the weather, snacks and our conversations were interesting. The world cup was going to begin and one of the topics we discussed was Cricket.

I suddenly made a statement, a strong one stating "It will definitely be the INDIAN Team to lift the world cup 2011"

For which everyone said why they agree and not agree, there was one of them who asked me, Why i so strongly feel that way... and here's what I said...

"My husband (who is an passionate cricket player) was born in the year 1983 and that was the year India won the world cup. What a fantastic moment that was! This year my son will be born and so i strongly feel we would win the world cup!"

A few laughed and smiled, a few liked it, one of them loved it and one called me an astrologer!
We were all Indians away from home in the united states and the fact that we were away from home made us more fanatic towards anthything that had to do with our motherland :)

Our conversations continued...

The world cup season began and you all know what happened, Match after match, we won them all and reached the final.
It was the day of the Finals...

My son was due the next month and it was quite an effort to get up and watch the match at 2 in the midnight, however my enthusiastic spirit and sleeplessness were high and it helped.

After an absolutely thrilling match, India won!

My Husband's Facebook Wall Message read...
"1983 - India won the worlcup, I was born!
2011 - India wins the world cup again, My son will be born!! Yahoooooo....

What a profound moment it was... It was one of the happiest days of my life
What a Proud INDIAN I was and always, will be :)

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