Friday, July 29, 2011

Donuts - Happy Allround :)

A weekend and we had some friends visit us... They placed a packet on our dining table and insisted i opened it and tasted it because it is at it's best when eaten hot.
I didn't think twice and I quickly obeyed them. Since we were new to the US, Krispy Kreame was something u heard of. The packet read Krispy Kreame, it had 12 good looking glazed donuts. I am not a person with a sweet tooth and wasn't keen on tasting.

I took two plates and offered them to my Husband and mother, since our guests were in full praise for the donuts, served them too. All of them after a bite were all oooh and aahhs and i was curious to try them.

I sunk my teeth into one of them and it melted! It was oh, so damn tasty!!
I quickly finished one and was about to grab another, for those who knew my tastes, it was a surprise. I don't just "not like sweets" i avoid them, more like a sweet intolerant. These sweet rounds are just so delicious that it is so easy to become a sweet addict... eh, well for now a donut addict!

Soon i got hooked on to Donuts. There is a store close to home and I am their regular customer. They are nice to have 6 Donuts for $6.99 and super nice to have 12 donuts for $7.99.
An extra $ and you get half a dozen more... Cool isn't it!

One of their outlets has 3/4th of their space dedicated to their workstation. It is covered with glass and the making of these yummy sugary sweet" happy-all-round" donuts can be seen. From the dough to frying and then getting under the sugar glazed fountain, it's such an orderly defined process! the rest of the store offers some seating and a coffee-billing counter.

The best ones are the original glazed donuts. The others I have tasted are glazed devil's food cake, chocolate iced creame filled, Chocolate iced custard filled and chocolate glazed donuts. There are a lot more varieties like the blueberry, strawberry, cinnamon, apple and lots more. They also have colorful sparkler donuts for the kids. The ever ready staff give you time to choose over the many varieties of donuts. The place also offers some nice coffee and cool flavoured-crushed drinks.
Krispy Kreame donuts will definitely be my sweet crush for a long time, am sure ;-)
Pics courtesy: Google images

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