Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Silver Metro - Complete VFM and Delicious buffet!

It was from a colleague who complimented Silver Metro for their variety buffet and a distinguishing ambiance that made it my choice to celebrate a special day with my family.

Silver metro is in the Total mall on the third floor. At the entrance, they have two engines of a train each on either sides. There is a table with refreshments and a bowl to drop your business cards, do take a minute to do this, you could be the lucky one to win the daily draw!
You enter the restaurant to find a long unending row of delicacies lined to your right. There are the tables with chairs arranged to the left of the hallway and to the extreme left is a train with tables for four making the rest of the restaurant, a platform! This whole set up, definitely amuses the kids!
Once we seated, we found a cockroach on the serviette! We politely called the manager and showed the gross pest. He apologized and replaced the serviette and plate. What was shocking is that, the man standing beside the manager, very conveniently told us we got the disgusting pest with us!
The manager kept gesturing and signaling to the man that he was wrong, but this man evidentially unclear and obviously wrong just argued, but miserably failed to make his point. His name too is fresh in my mind. Did I just call this a ‘platform’ in my earlier lines?

After some serious ‘checking out’ of the place, we got on to the menu. It is quite exhaustive. The place was crowded with mostly large groups.
I do not remember the non-veg delights for the day, but i will sure pen down the vegetarian menu.
I started with the Salads, they had the pasta and corn in B├ęchamel sauce. I simply loved this. They had loads of other grams boiled with colorful, cut vegetables.
A lil bit of all of them and I was already feeling full! There we quite many starters, Hara-Bara Kebabs were my favorite. The Chinese varieties with the noodles, fried rice and sauce were a sure hit with my mother! The Jeera pulav with the Dhal Makhani made a wonderful combo. My family surely did enjoy the Dum Biryani and chicken starters. For the desserts they had two types of pastries, nothing very extraordinary with their taste. They had the kesar, Bengali sweet, this tasted fine.
The hit on the sweet list was the Mawa Halwa, Very rich and simply delectable! There were three flavors of ice creams, some vibrant sauces including strawberry, chocolate and crushed peanuts that could sprinkled on to the ice-cream.
If I were to comment on the personnel and service of Silver Metro, It would be nowhere close to a positive one. Man, they definitely need some serious service orientation!
A heavy and delicious buffet which costs you 280 inclusive of tax, Silver Metro is a place with distinguishing ambience and good food with no complaints but deserving compliments. However, a strong suggestion definitely on cleanliness needs to be sent out!
Ohri's, Level 3
The Total Mall,
Phone: 40003333
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