Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Delectably Delicious Dosas!! Sri Sagar (Formerly CTR)

The Dosa, is indisputable the pride of south Indian cuisine. Every bite and it temptingly and quite very simply slips the mouth, mind and mood into a sumptuous fantasy!
It is easily one of the favorite, popular and likable breakfast in south India, I have always relished these golden-brown crispies in all their variety and forms, quite obviously, the Masala Dosa is my favorite.

Two weeks ago, it was in Malleshwaram that I got to eat the perfect Masala Dosa.
We started our kingsize breakfast at Veena stores and with that sumptuous treat, 5 crosses down is a corner green building madly crowded!
That's CTR for you, It is hard to miss, because of the bright green oil paint it has on the exteriors and the amount people movement.
We were lucky to get some parking on one of the side roads and squeezed ourselves inside the famous CTR. Thanks to the timely exit of a family and we got seats almost immediately. Something that I saw was that people who are waiting did not wait for longer to occupy seats. There was some good synchronization and speed.
We ordered for the Benne Masala dosa. The one who took the order asked us if we wanted extra butter, we said, “No”.
Thankfully because the one without the extra butter had more than XX-extra butter, however very tasty! They serve very quickly and consciously, they have got to keep up with the pace. The insides of this place had the necessary table and chairs and just enough place for one person to walk.
The just-cant-wait-to-eat dosas are brought in a plate with banana leaf below. The hot glossy, pleasing, golden brown dosa rolled on the green leaf gives you a contrasting and pleasing presentation.
I couldn't wait to savor it! The feel of this and u'll have your fingers all shiny with the generous amount of ghee and butter over it. The potatoes curry accompanying this was awesome. Bite by bite, it was getting better, I prefer to eat slowly to savor each bite completely. You can choose the hot delicious sambar over the chilli-n-coconut chutney, I have always been a sambar lover.
At the end of it, it was a super satisfying breakfast! We shared the table with another family and they didn’t seem to have any difficulty in having more than one.
Cheers to these deliciously delectable dosas… I am sure to go back there many times.
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Sorry about not having a picture of these delectable dosas... what can i say, i was just too unconscious and involved!!
Sri Sagar (
Formerly and famously Central Tiffin Room)

, Ground Floor, Margosa Road, 7th Cross, Malleshwaram, Bangalore.


  1. very tempting...nange evagle thinkbeku anstha ede :)

  2. Very tempting...nange evagle thinbeku anstha ede :)

  3. "Bite by bite, it was getting better, I prefer to eat slowly to savor each bite completely."

    I am just imagining how you would would have enjoyed...ah I am just waiting for you to take us there...

  4. U've described it so well, anytime / anybody who reads it will want to try it out!!

    One who reads it can actually visualise how delicious the dosa is. Thanks for making all the readers feel we were hanging out with u at CTR :)