Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vowwwwie Vadas at Veena Stores!

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Reviews on Burrp and a foodie friend of mine suggested the same exciting plan of going to Veena stores and next to CTR for their famous dosas. I simply succumbed to the temptations of their experiences at these places and wanted to visit them as early as possible.
Finally made it on last sunday. I woke up way too early for a Sunday and decided to walk in beautiful Lal Bhagh, After a rigorous session of running, jogging and walking the calorie conscious duo didn't think it was a sin to pamper ourselves with some high-cal food, for this i wanted my husband to take me all the way to Malleshwaram!

Since it was early on a Sunday, It didn't take too long for us to get to Margosa road. Veena Stores is a humble little shop on the 15th cross. it is beside Lakshmi maternity hospital. There is no parking on the main road, so we parked our vehicle at one of the side roads and walked up to the store to find a long queue, patiently stood and soon when it was our turn, we quickly placed an order for idly, vada and Kara bath.
Without much wait, we got hot plates of idly n vadas.
The idly was flawless white and extremely soft. The chutney and idly made a heavenly combination. The idly at Veena stores was so close to the best idly i had eaten. It was at a vacation to Mysore during Dasara festival it is available only during the festive season and is called 'Mallige Idly' (Mallige - Jasmine in kannada).
The vada is the best here, it is honestly the best i have ever eaten! I am usually not a Vada person, but totally loved the bite and taste of the crispy, brown, fried chunk with the green chilli and coconut chutney. Without much wait we decided to bite on more. They were generous enough to take the second order off the queue :-)
The hot Karabath is extremely rich with ghee, ghee and more ghee. The mixture of rava, ghee, vegetables and species just melt in your mouth.

The fact that you are standing is totally forgotten amidst the yummies in your hand and mouth! They are very quick in their service. We were Full and completely loved the place. A place I would emphatically recommend for idly and vada lovers! Wait up for my next review on 'the best' and sumptuous Dosas at Sri Sagar (Formerly called as CTR - Central Tiffin Rooms)

15th Cross, Margosa Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

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  1. i soo want to sink my teeth into a vada now.. as in NOW!!!! :( :( enjoyed reading.. but you have made me miss Bangalore even more !