Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love...

I had a 2 day training on “Creating customer impact” and it sure was a helpful session.

You’ll never have a bad day with a positive attitude, This line is something I would never forget!

Feeling very positive today! Here’s almost everything I love!

I love good sense of humor

I love smiles

I love energy

I love the smell of soil when it just has started raining

I love reading

I love to laugh

I love making others happy

I love commitment

I love involvement and focus

I like sleeping

I love staring at the moon

I love watching the sunsets
I love to take long walks

I love driving

I like teaching

I love giving and receiving compliments

I love cheerful faces

I love shouting out and cheering India on the cricket field

I love family functions and get-togethers

I love the excitement in meeting friends, esp after a long long while

I like big & clean houses

I love speed

I love animated movies

I love hand written love-letters

I love being pampered

I love silk sarees

I love heights

I love the amusement parks

I love the combi of hot chocolate and vanilla ice cream

I love the smell of coffee

I love babies

I love Vinay

I love watching Vinay play with children

I love my mom and dad

I love my sister

I love the goodies my sister makes.

I love my dog, Schatz

I love my home

I love my friends
I love the feel of wet lawn on my feet

I love the dew on flowers

I love the snow

I love the view of mountains

I love tigers

I love puppies

I love watching meaningful movies

I love my work

I like my company

I love motivating people

I love learning languages (so far at 6)

I love my country

I love Bangalore

I love my school

I love eating

I love chocolate mousse

I love Indian chocolates (esp. Crackle and fruit and nut)

I like writing

I love talking

I love dancing

I love singing

I love listening to music

I love watching advertisements

I like libraries

I love observing people

I love watching horses running free

I love writing lyrics of songs

I love photography

I love walking on the beach

I love swimming

I love water (A true Piscean)

I love drawing

I like painting

I love big trees

I love to cook

I like baking

I love traveling

I like organizing and discipline

I like poeple who are in the Army, navy and Air-force

Needless to say, I love shopping!

Wow, I feel thrilled after thinking and writing on things I love.

Life is B - E - A - Uuuuu-tiful!

I suggest you make a list too and then do what’s on and I am sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself!

Have a super positive day!

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  1. nice !!

    u "like" sleeping?? i luvvv sleeping

  2. @ Roopa.... oh! I love you too, Roops
    @ Ranja - I like sleeping and LOVE being asleep! :)

  3. Love the excitement in meeting friends, esp NCJ gang, right Amrutha??

  4. Sou, Absolutely, Love the all girls nite-out!! :)

  5. sooooper..loved it :)
    Very true....be positive :D