Monday, February 1, 2010

Too-Good 'Thindies' at South Thindies! !

This was in the month of October and TGIF - Thank god it’s a Friday!! There was the holiday atmosphere at office on a Friday afternoon before the long Deepavali weekend!

With these impulses, a team of us decided to pamper our afternoon at ‘South Thindies’. Then a newly opened restaurant which got some rare reviews.

We started and soon we were on the main road and the large metallic painted hoarding with the name ‘South Indies’ camouflaged within.

It was really crowded and we added on to the numbers. We made our choices from the menu and stood at the self servicing counter to relish the orders. We were a big and hungry group and we almost got a bite of everything they served on that day!

The famous and much-talked about Masala Dosa and half cup coffee was tried and my colleagues liked it. The medu dosa and the pudina rice were also of a good taste. The akki rotti, ragi rotti and the chutney’s that came along were excellent! The bread dosa was different but greasy and extremely heavy.

There are some sumptuous sweets available. The Halu-bhai is a sweet made from wheat, ghee and sugar. This was absolutely delicious. The group of us had this delectable dish and conveniently ate the second helping too. It was a heavy and satisfying lunch at this new place.

If this was my review about the place 4 months ago, I was there at this place 2 days ago for breakfast and it hasn’t changed a bit. The masala dosa tasted familiar and delicious. The bisi bele bath was even better, talk on consistency in their quality and taste!

The place has an open kitchen and one can see it’s tidy. Even with the crowd, they manage to serve customers without much wait. The prices are reasonable with thindi’s for two coming up to Rs.80-100.

It is also located facing a busy road close to the famous Krishna Rao park.

Morning or evening walks in this beautiful park and a quick relish at south thindies and that’s a beautiful day for you!

South Cross road
Near Krishna Rao park
Basavanagudi, Bangalore

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