Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Shack - Delicious Desserts!

This has opened six months ago and is a small place that serves some relishing ice-creams.It was one of those usual cool nights at Bangalore. True to its identity of a snow shack. It was even cooler inside.

There is the famous GK vale store that has been shared by half to start the ice-cream and fast food parlor.
It is a small place with 4 tables and a few tables with 2 seats placed outside.
We chose to seat outside. The menu has quite a range of ice-creams. There are those common ones like hot chocolate fudge, cake fudge, brownie fudge, Gud bud, Rocco baracco, Banana split and fruit salad. The simple cone ice cream with scoops and swirls available here is also an attraction with the children.

Something that was novel was the ice-cream sodas and the different relishes they offered.We chose a hot chocolate fudge and cake fudge, They were generous in their quantity. The ice cream tasted fresh and creamy.The sauce was in perfect quantity and the combination of the pure white vanilla and dark brown chocolate syrup was indeed heavenly!

The peanuts roasted right, choco chips made the dessert even more desirable. The cake fudge was also delicious with the cake so soft and fluffy!There was one courteous person catering to 4 tables and he did a quick and fine job!They not only serve ice creams but also sell some home made chocolates and make some yum sandwiches.A decent place serving some good desserts! The rates are moderate or even close to cheap with ice-creams for two costing you about Rs.100-150.

Snow Shack
#290, 100 Ft ring road, Banashankari, Bangalore
Near Resturant 1947
Phone: 42056659

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