Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just missed the crown!!

Burrp has his system of announcing the best review of the week at an all Indian level and 5-4 reviews which are chosen to make it to the 'Just missed the crown'

My review on restaurant 1947 just missed the crown! I was just so happy to find my name and review on that list. It was my third review and it was just so encouraging for me to write a review to win the best review!

Being 1947 in 2008 still works!

It was late evening the weather was pleasant, my husband said we should take a walk.
I agreed, and we started walking, we reached the main road and towards our right was a place brightly lit and welcoming.
It had a board with “1947” both of us fell for it and wanted to spend the day’s dinner there.
We walked in saw the lift and the stair way, we chose to take the latter as it this looked more ornamental.
We saw uncommon pictures of Pre-Independence India. They were square frames of flags that were proposed to be our National flags before the one we have now.
Quite many. A piece of trivia to most of us.

We walked in, there was a man cheerful and welcoming in his gestures, with a kameez that was faded orange and a white bottom.
The wooden door, I must say was giving an old and antic look.
We entered inside and really liked the interiors….they have got the Indian theme in, Desi material - Jute was seen almost everywhere. It was of a good taste.
We saw very few people and so had a better choice of the table, we sat in a table for two and to my left was a huge glass with a nice night view.
The menu was again something different, it had a wooden covering and the contents were marked with a nice font on hand made paper.
We ordered a masala papad, Tandoor babycorn for starters, they were given without much waiting and did taste authentic.
Had kulcha, veg kadai and veg dum biryani for the main course, the kulchas were hot, soft and the curry tasted just perfect.
The biryani was not so great, it could have been better, we thought.
The chaach (butter milk) was at it's best… it has just the right amount of Spices, it was thick and quantity was fulfilling, I would never miss having this the next time I visit 1947.

The silent place we came had now turned into a noisy one, with people everywhere, a few waiting too.
One can book in advance for all days except on Sundays.The service is very mannered and courteous. The prices are reasonable.

We explicitly thought we should bring the family along. It’s a place veggies must try!

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