Friday, January 23, 2009

The start!

All it takes is to just start, make a beginning, take that very first step.
I remember the first time i wrote
something, my very own words and sentences were published in the newspaper. This was for a classified with Deccan herald. The feeling is just elating.
I still remember taking a cut of my writing and showing it almost everyone i know. I must definitely thank my father for all the pushing and encouragement!
With the encouragement and applaud I received on that, I was a regular writer to that section.

I remember the day, a late afternoon, it was the last class for the day and I was looking at my watch to figure out why all this didn't end soon. A teacher came in and announced on science seminar that would happen the following week and that those interested could give their names the next day. That moment i thought that was certainly not for me. I could never imagine a group of people looking at me while i was standing on the stage addressing them. Oh never! The very thought of it scared me.
Reached home after a cycle race with a friend. That night when i discussed the days happenings. There was huge pressure that I should give this seminar a try. After much revolt and argument I was forced to agree. I gave in because and only because the prelims would happen in front of my very own class. Only to realize later, that saying something before your won class is quite a task!

We had to choose a topic and so I reluctantly went into the library. Nothing really seemed to appeal, I went straight to the librarian and asked her to help me. She gave me a list and it was difficult for me pick one amongst them. I don't know if they were all too bad or good. Finally i decided my topic would be 'Nocturnal Animals'. Uninterested and without needed preparation, I just blurted something.

In spite of all my goof ups, i was called for the final round. There was a teacher assigned to guide me. Needless to say there was my favorite and the best teacher at home to constantly follow-up, put sense into my speech, give me loads of gyan on my body language. The days passed and it was D-day, I was prepared with all my OHP sheets, A file to give the judges, my lil notes to peep in case i got stuck somewhere.
My hands were cold. It was my turn, all focused, i started, It ended. My name was called and i received a consolation prize. It was not the first or the second prize that consolation prize was indeed not consoling but was so encouraging and became the path to a whole new journey!

Talent, luck, flair and interest make a difference but all it takes is the courage to take that step, to start!
Once you make a start, you know it is not that big a deal anymore. Get going!!

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