Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My first Review on Burrp!!

It was through a very good friend that i got introduced to Burrp, a forum to get information, share experiences, praise, criticize and much more about restaurants and food.
The below post is about my first review on this website. Till date, i have 25 reviews against my profile.
I really enjoy doing this!

'' Kati Zone..... No good!
I wanted to visit kaati zone as it had some juicy rolls advertised, they did look very tempting!!
Finally my husband and I went there on a Saturday evening….
The steps that take you up to the restaurant are really adventurous. They are narrow, slippery and have an abnormally large gap between each step!
Now coming to the ambiance… they are nice little tables and they are placed with a decent amount of gap.
The pictures are jumbled at one corner of the restaurant. There is a counter where we place the order and a menu with deliciously deceiving pictures.

Both of us being ardent chicken lovers, we ordered for 2 chicken roles, a malai chicken role and chicken tikka rolls, a box of fries, a masala lemon soda and Pepsi.
I must say that the rolls were not good, the cook simply took a chapathi, soft enough, put onions half fried with ginger and garlic paste, added these pieces of chicken some vegetables rolled and put it in a paper wrap.

The masala was too raw and strong. The chicken was good, but didn’t go with this combination. The fries are expensive and weren’t up to the mark. One in the pack was crispy! The masala lemon drink that I had was so sweet that the masala completely lost it’s identity!
And there we were eating all this, unhappy and the damage for this was Rs.220 or more for this!

I feel this place is worth half a star but the min you can give is one…. Kaati Zone…. No good!

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