Friday, January 30, 2009

Being'1947'worked in 08 n continues to work in '09

Anniversary celebrations and my parents insisted I suggest a place for a delicacy treat. It was a weekday and a majority being vegetarians. I opportunely picked 1947 which is a hop skip and jump from home.

It was 8:30 and all of them were dot on time. After exchanging pleasantries, we took a table in the most special corner of the restaurant.

When Vinay, and I went to dinner, we always thought we should get the whole family to dine here. I exclusively booked it this time
The long glass table with cushion sofa on one side and jute on the other separated from the rest of the place with ropes starting from the ceiling to the floor was indeed unique. This definitely made a pleasant inkling on all of us. On one of the walls close to our table was a huge picture which portrayed Indian independence nostalgia!
From the great leaders, newspapers articles, tramps to our very own St. Josephs…. It had everything collaged really well! We had a lot of them to take a closer look at it…

1947 allows you to get cakes in case you would like to celebrate an occasion. They arranged ours on a nice silver plate and placed it with the knife.
The menus were quickly distributed. I was almost like the acting waiter for that evening! Soon we placed the order for ‘Palak ka shorba’, This was bland and tasted well with salt and pepper. The Masala papad was crispy and munched within no time, the 1947 platter is a sumptuous dish, it had sizzling hot Tandoor vegetables with magical masala. The platter had quite a variety included baby corns, gobi, mix vegetable sheek, panner and mushroom. The other starters, Vegetable Kurkure and Tandoori baby corn undoubtedly need a mention. They were just too delicious. The kurkure was minced patties of vegetable and masala fried in oil. The tandoori baby corn had the soft baby corn wrapped up with the most delicious spice ever. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of these.
It was turn for the Rotis and Kulchas, we had these with Shimla wala bhutta and Sabzi Lajawab. These made a very ful n filling main course. But didn’t come anywhere close to tangling the taste buds like how the starters did. Shimla wala Bhutta was a appealing orange colored gravy with sweet corn and capsicum. This gave a sweet taste and just didn’t excite the ones who loved spice. The Sabzi Lajawab was indeed Lajawab with it’s mix of all vegetables and the indispensible Paneer. The Boondi Raita simply turned the delicacy meter higher. The grand finale was Sabji Dum Biryani. My review of 1947 last year had a mention that, Biryani was not great, but this one was different in everyway except for it’s name! Every one craved for more and complemented the lip smacking rice. We started the diner with a pastry and so there was absolutely no place for desserts.

To help serve better and accommodate more, they have their little heaven extended to the top floor. A Terrace dining area with the similar furniture but closely placed. They also have a banquet hall in the building beside the restaurant on the second floor. Appropriate for occasions like engagements, birthdays and their like.

The staff is well dressed with desi attire and friendly. The whole family was elated with the ambiance and food at 1947. No wonder the place is a hive always!! Simply an irresistible place!!

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  1. Your post certainly made interesting reading?.Where is this place by the way? I would like to visit it someday.

  2. Hi Parikshit Kumar,
    Thanks for your comment.

    The address is here below:
    Ram Towers, 296,
    100ft Ring Road, Banashankari 3rd Stage,
    4th Phase, Banashankari,
    Bangalore - 85