Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cable Car - CARving Cravings...

After restaurants with themes like forests, trains, metros etc, it is time we welcome cable cars too.
Cable car, a restaurant serving Indian and Italian food, opened less than a week ago. The theme of this restaurant has been to replicate the famous and reliable means of transport
which is the San Francisco cable car system.
The building facing the main road indeed grabs some attention with its tall and gracefully done architecture. There are two doors, the one on the left leads you to the restaurant and the other makes way to a beautiful white spacious reception hall. On the white wall to your left, you’ll see the monuments and a brief story of San Francisco. The reception desk also depicts the famous golden gate bridge. I had a look at the rooms and they were of some good taste, very tidy and fragrant.

They are priced in the range of Rs. 3500, 4500 to 6000/- On the corridors they have hand paintings and depictions of San Francisco and some beautiful photo frames collages. A picture with the night view of San Francisco was beautiful!

The staff is more than glad to offer valet parking and welcome you into their newly built cable car. In to the door on the left and you are in the restaurant- Cable car. I must say that my journey in the cable car was a very pleasing experience!

The interiors are nicely done with light wood, the floor, the
ceiling everything is out a wood. The hall is small and accommodates not more than 10 midsized tables.
The place is doing well and was over crowded on a few days. They had to send a few guests because of unmanageable numbers. Nevertheless they are prepared and are more accommodating with a bigger floor on the first level. I did take a look at it and it is indeed quite spacy. They also have a corner dedicated for the children’s play area. Both the halls are designed in such a way that you have look-alike cable car at the end of the hall. There are two mid-sized tables placed inside this replicate.

The staff dressed in denim and T-Shirts with a stamp reading San Francisco Municipal railways, the menu which is a 4 folded sheet with offerings of the Indian cuisine on the facing and Italian on the back do have the taste of rustic cable car theme on. The menu has sketches of the cable-car, people travelling and compliments the theme well. The Italian menu is categorized into beverages, Antipasto (Appetizers), primo (main course) and Dolce (Desserts). I didn’t really taste anything Italian, my preference was mostly weighted towards Indian cuisine.
I quickly turned over the menu and decided on starters. The Hara Bara Kabab and the Tandoor Dingri were my picks. Before this arrived some complimentary roasted crispy papads with some green mint chutney, was hungry when I reached there and they were over within no time! The Hara Bara kabab good but something that was more appealing was the button mushrooms equally sized chosen carefully to soak in the perfect Tandoor masala were mind blowing!! Button after button, they just melted in my mouth!!
I totally relished and loved this with the chutney and salad it accompanied with. These tandoori items never fail to steal my heart away! For the main course it was some kulchas with paneer lababdar!! No clue why I chose this, but I so made the right choice, this was spicy and had an amazing flavor, every bite was so sumptuous and we just kept appreciating that with some unending Mmmmm….mmmms.

One of the partners spoke to guests and checked on their opinions. He recommended we have desserts and exclaimed they were equally good.
Without much thought I chose Tiramisu but unfortunately it was out of stock and so chose the American Mud pie, this was frozen and didn’t really have cake in abundant that it is originally suppose to have. However the chocolate, walnuts and vanilla are always welcome and did sooth me on the hot afternoon!
The prices are reasonable and meal for two would cost you approximately Rs. 600/- A lovely place with some delicious food and a distinguishing ambiance.
I am sure to go there again and again!!

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483/27, 46th Cross, 5th block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-41
Phone: 42977777

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