Monday, February 2, 2009

Won the Crown on Burrp!!

I was on vacation at Hyderabad and i got an SMS from a very close friend saying " You won on Burrp" I was delighted!!

In fact it was with this friend who treated me here!!
After writing over 20 reviews, I finally won. Needless to say, winning the crown was something that i always wanted!
Read on to find out more....

Wah Wah Chung Wah!!

At noon on a weekday a friend wanted me to join her shopping! All excited we started off. Unfortunately the store was closed and we headed back.
She suddenly insisted we eat out, On the road back was Chung wah and this was a treat to remember!

We took the stairs to get to the open terrace restaurant. My clock showed 12:10 and obviously there wasn’t any one in the restaurant.
Soon we took the best place and waited for the menu.
The ambiance is appealing! Contrasting Maroons and Creams adorn the place. The floor mostly has round tables serving for four and along the walls are some nice comfortable cushions serving 8 -10. They have a few nice black wooden benches paired with glass tables placed close to a finely arranged water body.
The Maroon ceiling with some trenchant illuminates, cover most of the restaurant. The high ceilings have glass panes giving you the view of the sky. The ceiling ends to bring a natural canopy of trees and sky. The cool and pleasant breeze from the tall treasured trees around is indeed aplomb!
The tables have a nice cream cover that caps them with some nice raw silk running cross. The cutlery they have chosen is white with most creative shapes. Some of the lil bowls with sauce were just very cute. There is a waiting area at the entrance with thin designed wooden partitions giving it a look of Bamboo.
The menu has details on main ingredients of each dish. Not too hungry we decided to make it light. We opted for a ‘Soya something’ starter. This was just not as fancy as its name. It was just fried soya chunks saut├ęd like Manchurian. A few of the chunks were hard. The garlic sauce that came with this was tasty.
The main course was vegetable in spinach-n-soya sauce and veg fried rice. This was a wonderful combination and was delicious! The sauce was authentic in its true sense. It was the first time I tasted anything Chinese with Spinach. If one likes greens, this ones a, must try.
The Service is courteous and quick. This place has a magnificent ambiance, Dinners and late evening visits to Chung Wah Opus is mesmerizing!
One of the most ideal places for lovers & Chinese cuisine lovers! :)

hApPy - N - YUmMy 2o09 : -)

Well what you waiting for? It's time you try this place out!!

Chung wah Opus
63/2, 8th Main, 18th Cross,
3rd Block, Jayanagar,
32488588, 32488688

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  1. Congratulations on winning the prize! Keep up the good writing