Thursday, April 16, 2009

24th Main - Very Veggie!

It took us some time to locate 24th main after a long day. Though it is on the main road at JP nagar, the road that leads you has been dug and there is a round about way to reach this place. A board with Cross roads Inn and a shady tree with pleasant lights rolled around its bark is what will catch your attention.
We chose to dine here after some praise from common friends. A lady greets and welcomes you at the door. Tables for two weren’t available and so we were asked to wait outside the restaurant and I couldn’t see any chairs. There was a place to accommodate an upcoming water body and the lady expected us and also gestured us to sit on the wall that formed the boundary of the fountain!! I insisted on getting some chairs, on demand got them. The others who had to wait had no choice but to stand, however the wait was not long.

After entering the place, I felt good. It gives you a pleasing feel with some deep dark wooden furniture, illuminated ornamental lights, spacious floor, fine paintings and pleasant walls. We ensconced in a table that was in the middle of the floor. We had some smartly dressed men with the menu. They offer quite a variety belonging to multi- cuisine.
Service is pretty quick and the portions are generous, unfortunately both the starters that were ordered were on the blander side. It was no fault of the chef, but a wrong order for pungent chilli lovers like my husband and I. However the malai kababs with the sauce did make quite an impression.
The next to come was some Rotis and curry, this is was delectable.
It would make an decent hangout for those vegetarians in south of Bangalore. The prices are reasonable, they take your feedback and send you a thanking mail. I also noticed a lady checking the comfort of a few customers.
Vegetarians, this is worth a try!
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Cross Roads Inn, 24th Main, 12th Corss, 2nd Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore
, 26588620

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