Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sea Rock - Awesome Neer Dosas....

You do something nice to others and it sure does pay back… One of the nice deeds did pay back and got even better when it was returned with a treat at sea rock!

A hot sunny afternoon and we walked to Sea Rock, which was very close to our workplace. It faces the main road next to The Bangalore Hospital and is easy to locate.

They have restaurants in the first and the second floor, we chose to seat at the second floor, a huge aquarium with an elegant Arowana and a red flower horn fish, sure catch attention. It was a treat to watch them move in the well defined aquarium and this is definitely something that is more exciting than the fish on plate! ;)

The dim hall had closely placed tables with white and pink cloth and white cutlery. There is a bar in the corner of the hall, the music was on had some old Hindi numbers. There was no need for a menu since we had decided on tasting the much talked about Neer Dosa. This was tried and tasted by quite a few colleagues and they insisted we try the place. Majorities were vegetarians and so we quickly placed an order for 2 plates of Neer-dosas and Mangalore vegetarian curry. In a plate, they give you 5 neer dosas, which are extremely sumptuous, I just loved each bite! The stew with the dosas made an awesome combination. We also ordered another plate to quench the drooling lust for dosas! Then came the rotis and kadai Veg. The kadai veg also made a good combi with the dosas.

Neer Dosa is a Mangalorean Delicacy and is made of a batter with coconut milk and flour, they are extremely thin and are spread on the pre-heated tawa with a cloth, not very rich in calories, they just bowl me over on every bite I take.

The butter milk was cool and refreshing.

The other customers were mostly from my workplace, Our conversations were interesting and involved subjects about men at work, cute and handsome men, men in our lives. It was a memorable afternoon with some amazing Mangalorean cuisine!!

We waited for the bill and something that made us smile was the 10% discount we get because we are sonatians… Cheers!

I took a couple of other friends recently so it was 2 visits in 4 days! The prices are reasonable with a meal for two costing you around 300/-. With great food and warm staff, Sea rock certainly a place you would want to try, continue to try and appreciate!


22/A&B, Lakshmi Towers, RV Road, Near South End Circle, Basavanagudi, Bangalore

Phone: 9243404274, 41314376

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  1. Yes! Its just that I'm so generous to treat all of you :)