Friday, April 3, 2009

Barbeque Nation - A Barbequlicious nation!!

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A week before last week, my husband and I took a break from work and made it to this place for a weekday lunch. Barbeque Nation sure has an attractive aura around it. Thi
s place is in a big complex that faces to a road really narrow. There is hardly any place parking. We were lucky enough to find a shady place for our coupe on the scorching afternoon.

We took the lift to reach Barbeque nation on the third floor. Since it was a weekday afternoon, we didn’t reserve a table. The place was half full. We, and I am sure every customer is received with at most courteousness. It is a cool place, with mostly beige and white interiors. It is not too crowded with too many ornaments. Very simple and attractive warli art structures are neatly arranged on enclosures inside the walls. The seats and tables are of woos and light in color to match the beige walls and flooring. Very well lit with the natural lighting, all in all it gives you a very pleasing feeling. We had some nice comfortable leather cushioning on the low placed sofas.

The dining experience at Barbeque Nation was extremely pleasant. They strikingly distinguish themselves from the other restaurants.
Firstly it excites you with the cook and dine experience. The non-vegetarian barbeques are even more attractive. We chose the vegetarian option and The waiter gets a miniature steel barbeque and skewers pierced with the most colorful vegetables. They are brought to you after 90% cooked in the kitchen and the 10% is all your choice, Incase you overdo it then it’s purely your fault! They compliment this with the green mint chutney which is just too delicious. They have cute wooden holders and have 6 little bowls of essence (sauces/oils) 3 on each side with the likes of chilli sauce, mayonnaise, mango sauce, lemon, onion etc.

Secondly, it is the unlimited starters. Yea… unlimited in its true sense. A flag placed on the table with the pole straightened means you are ready for more. Once your tempting affair is quenched you can tilt the flag downwards. They have a variety of 5 Sumptuous starters. For the day, it was thai fry potatoes, something out of unripe banana, Spinach and corn tikkis, baby potato patties and more. They change their variety on the fabulous five everyday. I, being more of a starters person, totally buy the idea of having different variety of unlimited starters! If it is a lunch on a weekday, one gets are a complimentary drink. This could be a beer or an attractive mocktail. Ginger lady, strawberry splash and the aqua blue are delicious and energizing!

Thirdly, it is the degree of consciousness that they portray. This is evidentially higher when contrasted with the other restaurants of the same star. Very warm people genuinely concerned about you and go all-out to make the dining experience the best one. When they place the barbeque on your table, they definitely generate some heat, however the hosts have been thoughtful enough to make sure the air around is cooler, so that it creates the ideal atmosphere to enjoy a meal.

They have a buffet spread with some really good food. You have many salads, a Chinese corner with either fried rice, schezwan or hakka noodles with gravies, the breads are brought to you on the table, to go with the breads they offer 4 varieties of curries, Dal, rice, Curd rice, raita, they also offer to serve you some vegetable biryani to the table. and last but never the least the desserts. The desserts are Gulab jamoon, Vanilla Ice-cream with some vibrant sauces, chocolate fantasy, almond maple pie, Phirnee, cut fruits and a cheese pastry. I relished the combination of the hot jamoon amid chilled ice-cream!

Once you enjoy the starters and the barbeque, it is hard to accommodate the main course.
The charge you 275/- per person on a afternoon on weekdays, for dinner and on weekends it cost around 500/- per person.
All in all, it made a wonderful experience that afternoon. What’s more? We went there again 4 days ago and thoroughly enjoyed the feast!!
This place is a Super Super hit and I am sure that’ll continue to shine!!

67, 15th cross, 6th B main, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Phone 40919191

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  1. i JUST LOVE THIS PLACE !! one of the best places to indulge urself... thy are so very generous with their servings!!!