Friday, February 13, 2009

" Break-your-fast Buffet!

A lazy Sunday morning and no one was in a mood to cook. My dad offered to treat us!! We looked for places that offer some good and my sister’s strong recommendation came for Kkrishi. She had been there earlier and liked the food. The buffet closes by 10:30 and we didn’t have much time to waste.
We headed straight to the Jayanager 4th Block. This is on second floor of the eminent BDA complex. Narrow corridors and a stairway take you to Kkrishi, once you get into the restaurant you’ll see the theme color, Green. The waiters wear green shirts.
Well for a weekend, it wasn’t crowded. Soon after we entered, there wasn’t anyone to show us place, make a count of how many have come. We took the forks and knives from the table that was close to the table, the food was served on. I could see no one until I went for my second serving! But soon after they came in, they were very responsive and nice.

They had some Super South Indian breakfast. It stared with Idly, Vada, Set dosa, Kara bath, Kesari bath, Rice bath, Sambar and two types of chutney.
Some nice watermelon juice is given to you as a complimentary drink. The vadas looked presentable and very so crispy, Hot and spicy Sambar and these crunchy vadas made a delicious combination!! The kara bath and Kesari bath gave the perfect Chow Chow effect! (hot and sweet combination). The Sweet was greasy with loads of ghee, with small pineapples chunks, this was just irresistible . The idly was just fine, nothing very special like the others. The rice bath wasn’t good at all, it had fat rice and tasted bland. The set dosa and the vegetable sago made a nice combination. The Chilli-Coconut and Orange chutney made a delectable choice with the rest. I heard form the others that the famous Bisi BeLebath the Masala dosa are available on a few lucky days!

For all this, it is just 49 per head! It was a good break-fast experience. They also have a open hall for parties, a small one which accommodates 15-20 people inside their restaurant. If one likes the south Indian cuisine, then this place worth is worth tryin.

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Floor-2, Jayanagar Shopping Complex
Jayanagar 4th Block
Phone: 26657053, 26657054

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