Monday, February 23, 2009

Deliciously Pleasing times @ Punjabi Times!!

This review is also available on Burrp, This is on my visit to Punjabi times on 31 Dec '08.
Party and Partying was in the air and of course it would be, it was New Years eve!!
With no prior plans we had no party happening. 2008 was a wonderful year and we strongly wanted to make the last day a memorable one. We looked at a few restaurants around home and zeroed down to Punjabi times. Since it was NY Eve, I called them to make a reservation.
The time we reached the restaurant was delayed by an hour but still we were shown to our tables with absolutely no wait. There was a long queue waiting in the narrow corridor and that tapered towards the stairway.

This was my second visit to this place and I could definitely visit more often.
Though the entrance is not so appealing with the automobile showroom interfering, the insides of the place definitely is. The foyer is welcoming with a fat wooden door lined with lamps and a warm host.
You feel like you are transformed to a different place…
It truly has the color and enthusiasm of Punjab! From the water wheel, to the idol of the dancing pair with colorful attire, the huge paintings abounding in colors, the lanterns, the drapes, the cushions, the music and almost everything around, sink and soak you in the rich tunes of Punjab!! The special occasion added more color and embellishments to the ambiance. Like true Punjab and Punjabi's, it was full of life!!
The place simply excited me and my family! I feel it even when I am writing now….

For the evening there was a special menu. One of the waiters quickly gave us one of those.
There was a price difference from the other days to the one in the special menu. There was quite a choice of delicacies. We opted for the masala lassi, salted lime soda and few soft drinks. The lassi was just too creamy and so mmmmmI made a crazy new year resolution to give up non vegetarian food and so that evening was the last bite of non veg I would eat! At least for next 365 days! So willingly most of my picks were on chicken and meat. For the ‘Shuruwat’, we had a gobi starter, this with it’s tangy chutney, was just too good. It was super spice and nice. It was named ‘Railway Gobi’.The Sheek kabab also made a good starter, it would taste better if cooked for a little longer, The chicken starter was sumptuous.

For the main course it was a variety of breads including Tandoor Roti, Butter naan and Kulchas with some finger-licking gravies!!The quantity of each curry is less when compared to what’s given on the other days. Chicken something was served from a very small plate.It was vegetable Pulav with some nice Raita to conclude our dinner. With all that I tried and tasted from the past two visits, I feel their breads and gravies are tastier than the rice items. I also strongly feel they make the vegetarian food better.

It was a busy day for the team there but with all the pressure they worked courteously. The service was quick. All in all, the timing, the food, warmth and d├ęcor of the place made it a Chak de Phatte experience!

#15/1, Bannergatta Road,
Opp. Shoppers Stop,
Bannergatta Main road,
Phone: 41103222, 4110344

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  1. It's just a sick place .. with very low hygiene and bad behavior.. avoid this place.. if you really care about your health more than the taste buds!!