Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Mehendi Day!

It was one of the most memorable days of my life... Yes, I was getting ready for my marriage! Out of the so many functions we have before the marriage, the marriage itself and the post marriage. The Mehendi function was one of the most enjoyable one! I had invited a few of my close friends. Relatives, cousins and other well wishers were invited for the event.

My sister, mother, aunts, were just so busy making sure all the arrangements were ready. My sister was running around and was preparing for this 2 days prior. The aroma of the delicacies from the kitchen just add to the the festive aura.
Slowly everyone arrived, they were all so prepared to rock the floor. The foot tapping music just filled the hall with enthusiasm. Except me and a few very shy ones, everyone was on the floor. what a sight, Absolutely colorful, lively and contagious!! I was just waiting for the Mehendi guy to finish of as fast as possible, I pleaded and requested him! Irresistibly i was immovably doing my bit of jhatkas and matkas.
The photos and videos of these moments definitely bring a smile on my face.

It was not so long ago, we had a training program at Sonata Software on soft skill training. There was an activity to draw your entire life on a 4 paged book, The front sheet would be the title and a picture depicting your life, the second was on your childhood, the third was your family and the last was what you'd like to do in your old age.
It is extremely prosperous to have wonderful parents, siblings, friends, colleagues and an understanding life partner. With wonderful people surrounding me
I named the book of my life as ' A blessed life'.

The mehendi function happended a year ago and I did not think of writing on this. It was a dear friend and colleague of mine who told me that she had a very happy time there on this particular day and would write on it. Today, when i read on her impressions I was in all smiles. Here is what she writes on A blessed life.


  1. perfect timing :D its my mehandi tomo and i hope to write on it soon... i ve blogrolled u :)

  2. All the best, have a wonderful life ahead!!

  3. oh hw can i forget this day!!! one of my MOST memorable day too ;)... it was so much FUN :):):)...