Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eggxplicitly Eggcellent!!

My spouse and I have given up non-veg for this year and our next delicious desire was egg. Reading on the other reviews and impressions, Egg factory was something we definitely wanted to visit.
After several plans and cancellations, we finally made to this place for lunch.
It was a jammed path to get to St Mark's road. Off St Mark's road to your right you'd find a building named 'The white house', The egg factory is on the ground floor of the same building, it is a pain to park on this crammed road!

We entered and I was in all smiles, I just loved the theme and logo of the place. The floor, ceiling, wooden seats and tables, walls, people, their attire everything around gives you a look and feel of a Factory. The most wanted raw material here is 'The Egg', Almost every preparation here has egg in it. We started with Pink lady and lime juice, this was soothing and very refreshing after the tiring ride. Something that is very interesting is the menu, it resembles one of those user manual that accompany the electronic gadgets we buy.They also have them translated in different languages! Also the sections in their menu have names similar to my subject line, A few to mention would be, Eggxtraordinary, Eggcellent, eggstacy. These lil creative details have been handled so well to give the whole place a super special concept!

After our drink we couldn't wait to bite into the much spoken egg delicacies. Yogesh was kind enough to place the order and needless to say, we let him do so as he was an expert! We had the 'Desi Penne pasta' which was spiced up to suit the Indian taste, It was so presentable with pasta and strips of eggs in orange sauce. A spoonful and i just loved it! the next was the the Garden Frittata which accompanied a fluff garlic bread, The Frittata was just fat and filling, Garlic bread is my favorite and here it was at it's best! Next came the parathas and methi egg curry, The Parathas were accompanied with vegetable salad and a cuppa curd. I liked the masala curd and that made a wonderful combo with Paratha and boiled egg. The curry had boiled eggs in spicy gravy of finely chopped onion, tomatoes and methi leaves.
It was nice to see Yogesh, the co-founder of 'The egg Factory' greet and get opinions from all his customers. My friend and I were just so filled and decided to come back again. The meal didn't real end here! To give it a grand finale came the caramel custard and bread custard. The caramel custard was indeed one of the best i have eaten so far! I liked the bread custard more than the former, it had custard with the right amount of flavor and sugar, the cherries and bread on the custard made it just the most delicious custard dessert i have had so far!!

The service was quick, empathetic and very neat, With all this warmth and sumptuous meal made a wonderful afternoon. It was definitely a task to get back to work after all this!!
For people who love eggs you must visit this place! I have made plans to bring my family and friends next, there are just so many varieties of eggs that i am keen on tasting!!
All the best and many thanks to Yogesh!!

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Ground floor, White house,
St Mark's Road
Phone: 42110041

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