Monday, February 9, 2009

" Official Buffet!!

Last week, our team lunch was organized, we planned it at Isys, This was chosen because of two convenient reasons, there was a lunch buffet and it was close to the place of my work, Sonata Software.
One of my colleagues tried more than hard to execute this plan! Thanks to her, it finally worked and was deliciously-fun!

This was my first time at Isys. This is in the ground floor of The President hotel. They have a glass door opening to a hall that has food served on one side and the tables arranged all over. We started early and reached the place by 12:30, there were hardly anyone at that point and the room looked pleasingly peaceful!

They have some nice interiors with this cool blue and white. Once our big group settled down in one of the finest corners of the restaurant, we had their staff helping us with serviette and water. Before we started with soups, a colleague and I checked out the offerings for the day. They had quite a variety. The buffet on hand comprised of quite many salads, There was the spinach salad, Aloo chat Pineapple and Paneer, mixed vegetable, peas and sweet corn, pasta and chicken… The pineapple and the cottage cheese salad was really sumptuous.
The Veg soup was ordinary but the non vegetarian one got some good ratings from all. There were two starters for veggies, both of tasted just fine. It was paneer nuggets and crispy vegetable. They had the Shanghai fish, and a two chicken dishes for starters. The bread basket is brought to your table, the gravies on the vegetarian side just did not impress me. They had something in mutter, Palak with babycorn and veg Kholapuri. I soon went on to taste the rice items, there was some Vegetarian Biryani with pomegranates. This was a turnoff because I don’t really like pomegranate (atleast with biryani) but I went on to give this a try and did like this! The chicken lovers just loved the Dum Biryani. A friend of mine commented the Dum Biryani was 100% VFM! The Rice, Rasam and Sambar were delectable. The Sambar was authentically South-Indian with coconut and okra.
The desserts placed were, fruit truffle pudding, some soft cakes, chocolate sauce, Raj Bogh, Semiya payasam (Kheer) and Jain up fingers; for curiosity, i had a bite of this and this had loads of sugar and is something you can avoid.
The pudding was oh!! Just too good…. This had loads of fruits, custard, and layers of cake in between making every bite to irresistible! They serve ice-cream on the table, this is inclusive of the buffet. Some of the ice-cream lovers simply went Mmmmmm….
There were quite a lot of teams from various other companies.
A buffet costs 225 + taxes and they offer the 16th plate absolutely free! All in all a fine place for corporate buffet.
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Isys - The Preseident Hotel
#79/8, Diagonal road
3rd Block, Jayanagar
Phone: 41808777

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