Monday, February 23, 2009

Schatz and Us!

Schatz is our 2 year old Labrador. It was from my childhood days that my sister and I desperately wanted to have a dog. Dad was against this as he thought it needed lots of responsibility and we weren't old enough to display the same. Anytime this matter cropped up, we would end with an unhappy note. But, talking of preparedness, I had decided on the name our first pet 12 yrs ago!

Unbelievably, one fine day he suddenly decided we would get one home! We were hunting hard from that very moment, the classifieds were in demand and ripped apart, dug a few old contacts. It was on the 5th of March in 07 that we got the World's cutest pup home!! After a one hour wait which seemed like a day, A big car halted in front of our gate. A tall man and two kinds jumped out of the car, we saw a basket in their hand. They were welcomed into our house. He slowly unlocked the basket and out of it came our pup. We all sat on the floor, almost completing the circle around it, he walked straight to me! I picked him up. I felt out of this world, i was Overjoyed!! It was such a memorable moment.

We named him Schatz - A German word, which means Treasure, Wealth, Darling, Sweetheart. It is a pleasure to have Schatz around, he bring so much joy to the family and makes home an even special place. He is selectively obedient and a drop dead handsome guy! When he is asleep the cuteness quotient drastically increases! Bathing, brushing, feeding, petting, fighting, running, and walking him is such a joy! Driving with Schatz makes you feel like a celebrity, All eyes on you! It is thrilling to see him put his face out and enjoy avidly.When we go on vacation, he is left at the dog's hostel and we so miss him. Right now, he is not around and I can't wait to get my hands on him. There are a lot of lessons we learn while raising pets, We get to be more responsible and patient. We always have a friend, a companion who accepts us for who we are. Teaches us how to express love, Unconditional Love. To bury ego, forget and forgive quickly! Most importantly, we learn to enjoy and love every moment each day!
It was in the weekend, I watched Marley & me. It is a wonderful movie, it illustrates the journey of a couple and their dog. It is a simple movie that takes us through their everyday life and ends as a tragedy. In the movie, They say, "A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his."
What scared me was the fact that nothing in life is permanent.
How do we handle and accept the loss of a pet, a loved one? An extremely tough task! However for now, something that I learn from Schatz... Enjoy every moment of life!
Schatz, for the one who brings abundance delight to our life, We love you forever!!

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