Thursday, February 5, 2009

" Grrrrr Gufha.....Deliciously Wild!!

At office, we play ‘Secret Santa’ in December and I, a lucky angel got a generous Santa who presented some nice gifts and also offered lunch. I had been to Gufha a couple of times and we chose this as it was also close to office. It was surprisingly drizzling on this winter afternoon. Soon after you are out of the car the hosts help you with an umbrella and also offer to park your car. You have Isys on the first floor and a front desk office. This leaves space for a narrow corridor towards the lift. Gufha is in the 5th floor.

Soon after the door opens at the fifth floor, there starts the chilling cave atmosphere. When you are just engrossed in looking at the very different indoors, you’d notice two men standing to check your reservations. Like said in the previous reviews, these men are dressed like forest rangers and juvenile Shikari Shambu definitely would be reminded of. At the door a man dressed in tribal attire opens the doors to the inner caves. We walked through the halls… Oops caves! They looked really good with huge idols and water flowing on them, the bats, owls, nests hanging from the cave tops. It has dim lighting and just enough beams to eat and read the menu was available. If you like watching cartoons and know Flintstones, The chairs look like the ones in that cartoon, the cushions have tiger prints, They serve water in copper bowls. The plates too have a strip of tiger stripes on them! A lot of work has gone into designing this whole setup…. It does look groovy and close to genuine.

We got helped to take our seats and offered the menu. You have some complimentary crispy crackers placed on the table. We placed orders for the starters. We insisted they give the meal early as we had to head back to work and oh boy, they were real quick! The soups were good, the Acharwala babycorn was simply yum, on the menu, against the name it had a tiny picture of a Chilly, implying it would be spicy, but this just wasn’t. A container with shallots, mint chutney, some orange chutney (not sure of its ingredients) and pickle was placed on the table. My colleagues, who relished the Hariyali Murg, said that it was very tasty. The quantity given was quite a lot. After he placed these two starters and we were almost done with them, the waiter got the Masala Papads, this just wants correct timing! We were done with the soups too….

Our main course for the day’s lunch was Rotis, Vegetable Kolapuri and Vegetable Dum biryani. The Roti and curry tasted fine and there wasn’t anything extra ordinary. The Biryani was good, it had the right amount of spice and hardly any vegetables, I thought it was a little overcooked and with the way the waiter served it on my plate, it was almost mashed. With the thick curd salad, it made a good blend. None of us preferred desserts and next, came the bill with the feedback form.
Deservingly, I put an excellent and good to most of their options. For the
food I chose an average because nothing was very appealing and must improve on the music. It had some hoots and roars which did create the forest atmosphere but in between there was some unpleasant, screechy music.

Disgracefully, the man who received this came back to me on why I gave the food an average rating. This is definitely not courteous and I strongly feel, should be avoided.

Something that needs a mention is the ambiance and presentation of food. The non vegetarians have more of a choice. A place kids will be excited in and is worth a try or two. This review is also available on Burrp

Gufha, The President Hotel
# 79/8, Diagonal Road,
3rd Block Jayanagar
Phone - 41808777

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