Friday, February 13, 2009

" Simply Super and Southern....

Heard quite a lot about this place and being a resident of BTM we made several plans to visit Maiya’s… but the visit that we finally made was absolutely unplanned :-)
A long day after shopping and before we realized we should have dinner it was 10'oclock, it could be more too!
Would it be closed? Would it be crowded? Clueless of these we parked and went in. Surprisingly open and not crowded our tired faces hit a smile!

The entrance welcomes you with some exquisite and tempting sweets. The food and service hall is at the 1st and 2nd floors. We were led to the second floor.
The lighting and the interiors are pleasant. There were 6-7 tables occupied even at that hour…
We took our seats at one of the corners and without a choice and within minutes we had clear glasses of water, rectangular plates and a silver glass with grape juice!
Talk about people who had to wait in queue for 20 minutes, do a prior booking, and wait in endless serpentine queues!! Our’s was good timing and on a weekend it was great timing!

Not a big fan of the grape juice I didn’t want to taste it, but after much praise from my father I had a sip.
There was hot soup that came in next and it tasted just fine. Next in line was hot and golden yellow greasy puris… with potato curry was simply delicious. Thick vegetable curry popularly known as ‘sagu’ and cabbage curry added to the taste. Then came the capsicum rice which was so delectable it was a blend of just the right amount spices, cashews and of-course the yummy capsicum. The person who served us was full of life and the energy he had even at that late hour needed to be mentioned. He was ever smiling and these are a few things I gathered from him. It has been started 3 months ago, it has been under the entrepreneurial wing of MTR. Not sure if they are the popular Maiya’s who do the outdoor catering (BTW they make awesome food too).

The rice and Sambar, needless to say is the best you could get. The sambar with pumpkin has always been a favorite combination with south Indians and this one was so delicious! The rasam, papad and a cup of curd made an ideal and heavy meal.
On the weekdays they have a meal for Rs. 50 and Rs. 100. On the weekends there is no choice. Heard from friends that the dosas you get are good too, would definitely want to taste them next. So, once you are stuffed with this opulent meal, you’ll find it hard to get off your seat to clean your hands. What’s more, you get back and you will be surprised to find the grand finale, The ice cream or should I say milkshake, because the quantity between the two doesn’t really make a difference! The ice-cream was huge. It is a combination of fruit salad with some tasty sauce more like custard and a scoop of ice-cream. Even after trying hard, none of us could finish it.

It was last Sunday that we made a visit to this place for breakfast, the place was crowded. They serve breakfast from 7am to 11:00 am. We went there by 10:40. We waited for about 10-15 minutes and we had our table. Quickly placed the order including Rava idlies, Dosas and Kesari bath. The kesari bath had all of us Mmmmm…

The dosa was just too good. Every bite was rich and had sinful amount of ghee…. Coffee, tea and the cold badam milk had the five some totally pampered and just too full.

The interiors are simple and neat. Two huge paintings of Karnataka’s ancient monuments are endowed on one of the walls adding the color and glee of South India.
It makes me happy that there’s a restaurant which is close in taste and quality to the famous MTR. And is close to home! It is definitely worth more and more visits.

737/C, 7th main, 12th Cross,
BTM Layout
Bangalore - 560076
Ph: 26684680, 26684693

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